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Find the Right Wireless Door Chime Button For Your Wireless Device

Finding the right wireless doorbell button to match the wireless chime system in your home may sound easy but it's easy to get lost in the various products out there.

The wireless doorbell push buttons offered on this page represent the most frequently purchased brands or wireless chime kits.  To help, you can filter by the manufacturer by clicking the on a specific manufacturer in the product filters menu located on the right had side of the page.

RC3301 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3301

RC3301 White Wireless Doorbell Push Button with black button.  Compatible with ALL Dimango/Carlon Wireless doorbell products.

5 Star Rating
$14.98 $12.98
RC4130 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4130

Need a wireless button for your Dimango or Carlon wireless door chime systems?  The RC4130 is a stylish wireless button with a nice brass style finish

Only compatible with Carlon Dimango wireless door chime products

5 Star Rating
$27.27 $20.98
RC4121 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4121

Long Range Wireless Button. Uses (2) 3-volt lithium batteries (installed).  Use this push button with Carlon (Dimango, Lamson Sessions) wireless door chimes to extend the range to 250 feet.

5 Star Rating
$20.07 $19.98
DCPB-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model DCPB-1000

Wireless long range door chime push button for use with the DC-1000 only.  If you have an existing DC-1000 wireless doorbell receiver it will be compatible with this product.

5 Star Rating
$18.98 $14.98
19249 GE
Model 19249

The 19249 is a wireless door chime button for use with the 8-note wireless door chime series by GE Jasco.  Purchase this button to expand your current system or as a replacement part.  For use with GE chimes only.

Not Yet Rated
$9.98 $8.98
19211 GE
Model 19211

When you are searching for a lighted push button that is also wireless, your options are limited.  The GE 19211 is innovative in that it is one of the few wireless lighted push buttons.  Powered by 2 x CR2032 batteries that power a LED bulb that turns itself on at dusk and off at dawn.

Not Yet Rated
$33.77 $25.98
WC180-PB 1800DoorBell
Model WC180-PB

Add On Push Button for WC180 Wireless Flashing Strobe Chime.  Door Chime Button comes with a RCA23 battery included.

5 Star Rating
$18.98 $12.98
BWL-BZ Craftmade
Model BWL-BZ

This wireless doorbell, or door chime, push button is the wireless button that  will ship with a Craftmade Wireless Door Chime located in the "Decorative Wireless Door Chime" category.  Purchase this item, BWL-BZ  as an addon addtional push button or for a replacement part.

Not Yet Rated
$17.94 $12.98
RC3311 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3311

The RC3311 is wireless push button transmitter compatible with Carlon (Dimango/Thomas & Betts) wireless door chime products.   Black, rectangular shaped case with a shiny brass face plate makes this doorbell button stand-out against other products.

5 Star Rating
$20.77 $15.98
SL-6193-B Heath Zenith
Model SL-6193-B

The SL-6193 is an add-on or replacement wireless button used with many Heath Zenith wireless door chime products such as the SL-6162 and the SL-6164.  If you need to add an additional wireless button to the back door, side door, garage door, etc.,

5 Star Rating
$18.47 $12.98
RPWL300A Honeywell
Model RPWL300A

Do you need an additional door bell push button for your chime? Look no further. The Honeywell Decor Wireless Surface Mount Push RPWL300A1007/A can meet all of your requirements at a reasonable price!

Not Yet Rated
$18.85 $13.98
RPWL100A Honeywell
Model RPWL100A

The RPWL100A is a wireless push button designed for use with the 'A' series of Honeywell wireless products.   Order yours today and take advantage of this great door bell push button by Honeywell.

Not Yet Rated
$10.40 $8.98
RPWL200A Honeywell
Model RPWL200A

The RPWL200A and RPWL201A Honeywell wireless push buttons available with white or black finish.  Compatible with "Series C" of Honeywell Wireless Door Chime Products.

Not Yet Rated
$13.65 $11.98
RPWL3045A Honeywell
Model RPWL3045A

Get the Honeywell Premium Portable Converter Extender Push RPWL3045A1003/A for a product that does it all!  This sleek unit may be used as a wireless push button, a doorbell extender, or a converter to use with motion sensors or window/door contacts.

Not Yet Rated
$18.85 $16.85
SL-6190 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6190


A wireless push button with a range of up to 150 ft.  A beige finish on the SL-6190 blends seemless with most homes.  Wireless push button is compatible with Heath Zenith door chime products.

Not Yet Rated
$18.04 $12.84
SL-6203 Heath Zenith
Model SL-6203

This wireless push button from Heath Zenith comes in a variety of finishes. Available finishes include Satin Nickel, White, or Brass. The push buttons are compatible with all Heath Zenith door chimes. The SL-6197 will send a signal to the receiver up to 150 ft away. The SL-6199 and SL-6203 will send a signal up to 100 ft away.

4 Star Rating
$18.80 $13.37
RPWL303A Honeywell
Model RPWL303A

With the Honeywell Decor Wireless Surface Mount Push RPWL303A1004/A, you will be sure to get the quality and style you are looking for!

Not Yet Rated
$28.99 $26.99

 Finding the Right Wireless Doorbell Button

wireless doorbell buttonsThe Dimango name is synonymous with wireless door chime products all over the world as the were the first large-scale manufacturer of the wireless door chime. This innovation grew to dozens of different wireless chimes, pushbuttons, and lighting control products. Thomas and Betts owns the Dimango name, and although they are not longer manufactured using the Dimango brand name (now known as Carlon), we get calls daily from customers who have Dimango stamped on the back of the product they may have purchased from their local Home Depot years ago and need a compatible push button.

Wireless chimes have come a long way, not only from a technology as well as aesthetically. While looking at the buttons located on this site, you many notice that almost all of them look similar, or very close. The wireless doorbell buttons for door chimes are usually rectangular and typically made from white ABS plastic. That is because wireless door chimes are transmitters that have to send a wireless signal to a chime receiver when the user presses a button. If the manufacturer made the wireless button from brass or any other metallic substance, the case surrounding the electronics itself would block the wireless signal it is trying to transmit. As a side note, this is the reason many of the chime receivers themselves do not look as good as their wired brothers and sisters. So how do the doorbell transmitters work? When someone presses the button, at the front door, for example, the transmitter button will send a wireless signal to a corresponding receiver, which will then play a tune or melody.

You will see other websites on the internet promoting the ability to take any of their wired doorbell push buttons and convert them to wireless. We would like to give a word of caution and notify you that the range of these types of products will not be as good as a standard wireless door chime button as seen on this site. The reasons for this are what we stated above in that any metal will dramatically cut-down on the transmission range. They are taking wired doorbells push-buttons, removing the center button, and replacing that center button with a wireless mechanism. That wireless product now has to transmit around the metallic plate in addition to any walls or other products that could cause interference, deflect, or cut down on the transmission range of the signal.

As was mentioned in the previous tab, when you want a decorative wireless doorbell button that's wireless, your selection is limited. These wireless devices must be constructed out of plastic in order to transmit well. There are manufacturers that sell kits that will convert wired doorbell buttons into wireless buttons. Although they tend to be very decorative wireless buttons, they just don't work well. Why? Because the brass or another element that makes the button pretty will tend to diminish the wireless signal. With that said, 1800doorbell does offer some wireless chimes that, depending on your style, you may find decorative. Carlon makes two decorative chime buttons, the RC4130 and the RC4133. The manufacturer constructed of the buttons from ABS plastic, but the plastic has a brass or satin silver finish on them...adding an element of decoration to the wireless button.

Whether or not a door chime button that is wireless is compatible with the brand, you have typically come down to the manufacturer who makes it. In most situations, the manufacturer produces their products on the same frequency, which is a requirement for the two products to be compatible with one another. For example, Thomas and Betts wireless door chime products operate on (or in) the frequency of 315 Mhz. By default, all of their products operate there and will, therefore, communicate with one another. Some of the Honeywell chimes, as an example, operate at 916.8 MHz, so there's not a way for them to communicate with the Carlon or Thomas and Betts brand of chimes. If you are familiar with the privacy codes of wireless products then you will understand that changing the privacy codes is essentially altering the operating frequency, very slightly, so they are not operating on the standard MHz, which in theory would eliminate any interference.

Carlon: Carlon is the most recognized brand name for wireless push buttons all over the world. Started as the Dimango brand in the 1990's, they were a pioneer in the wireless chime industry and that innovation has carried through today. You may see the brand names of Dimango, Lamson and Sessions, Carlon, and Dimango, and they are the same products, just branded differently over the years. If you have any of these wireless chime products any Carlon/Dimango push button available on this website will be compatible as long as the manufactured date is AFTER the 2000. Products manufactured by Thomas and Betts in 2000 use the wireless technology called "SAW" that stands for Surface Wave Acoustic which dramatically improves reliability of wireless products and helps eliminate interference between other wireless products.

You can easily see what the manufactured date of your Carlon button by flipping it over and locating a small, white, circular sticker. This sticker will have "QC XX XX" printed on it. The last two digits are the year the manufacturer produced the chime. If the last two digits are higher than 00 then the receiver will compatible with a Carlon push-button sold on this site.

Honeywell: Wireless doorbell buttons by Honeywell will be compatible based on the A, B, C, or D setting assigned to the wireless devices. On your Honeywell device packaging, or on the device, you will see the compatibility number. When searching for doorbell button on our site we recommend you search for a Honeywell wireless button using the product filters located just below the menu on the left hand side of the page. You will notice you can select the Honeywell compatibility from the menu choices to help ensure you are finding a pushbutton compatible with your receiver.

GE Jasco: All the GE Jasco wireless pushbuttons offered on our site are compatible within the GE "7 Sound Option Chimes" products. All the chimes we carry are within this line of wireless doorbells. If you have an existing JASCO-GE wireless door chime or receiver you can select any of these push buttons, and it will be compatible. The two wireless button by GE on this website are the LH19200 and the 19211, compatible with all GE JASCO receivers.

Craftmade: All Craftmade transmitters are cross compatible with one another. You will notice there are some Craftmade wireless chimes with "LH" listed as model numbers. In these cases, the wireless chime by Craftmade will be compatible with any Thomas and Betts wireless doorbell product.

Heath Zenith: All the Heath-Zenith wireless devices are compatible with each other.