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Wired Doorbells High End Decorative Models to Economical Builder Grade!

Wired doorbells are chimes that are wired from the wired doorbell push button (usually located outside) to either a wired doorbell transformer or directly to the doorbell itself, depending on the model.

In most cases a wired doorbells will require a doorbell transformer, and always when the doorbell button is lighted.

With over 200 wired doorbells to choose from, making a selection may seem daunting. We have product filters to help you narrow down your choices.  Just under the category menus on the left-hand side of the screen, you will notice a green colored block of filters where you can select the style of wired doorbell you are looking for.  

As always, please feel free to call or email us and we would be happy to help you make a selection.

ICH1635-AG Craftmade
Model ICH1635-AG

Perfect for a cowboy or ranch theme, this wired doorbell has an aged bronze finish and back-lighted by an LED. 

Not Yet Rated
$129.98 $120.00
ICH1630-OB Craftmade
Model ICH1630-OB

It's not hard to get excited about doorbells when you see this one by Craftmade.  Finished with an oil rubbed bronze finish, detailed scroll is carved into the resin cover.  The scroll sits over a lager frame and the amber, frosted glass insert is illuminated by an LED bulb.

Not Yet Rated
$129.98 $120.00
CL-DW Craftmade
Model CL-DW

When you need a loud, and I mean loud, wired doorbell, take a look at the CL-W and the CL-DW wired doorbells by Craftmade.

Not Yet Rated
$69.98 $65.00
ICH1670-OB Craftmade
Model ICH1670-OB

Detailed scroll work with an amber glow illuminating through frosted glass is the first thing you will notice about this wired doorbell from Craftmade.  The oil-rubbed, bronze finish will adorn any wall with style and grace.

Not Yet Rated
$129.98 $120.00
ICH1640-AG Craftmade
Model ICH1640-AG

Looking for the perfect wired doorbell to accent your ranch or love of horses?  This wired doorbell is finished in aged bronze and has a horseshoe inset against illuminated frosted glass. 

Not Yet Rated
$119.98 $109.00
ICH1520-OB Craftmade
Model ICH1520-OB

No detail was spared with this wired doorbell by Craftmade.  The cover is finished with an oil-rubbed bronze finish with hand carved crown molding surrounding the interior glass. The LED light inside the chime emits a warm glow through the white-linen glass.  

Not Yet Rated
$119.98 $109.98
CH1902-DM Craftmade
Model CH1902-DM

This dark mahogany, contemporary doorbell gives your home a custom look.

Not Yet Rated
$88.98 $75.00
ICH1600-AI Craftmade
Model ICH1600-AI

This wired doorbell has an industrial look.  Finished to produce an aged iron look, with faux rivets in each corner, this doorbell has a cool industrial/modern theme.  To make the doorbell even more attractive, there is an LED inside the base that produces a warm halo around the face of the doorbell.

Not Yet Rated
$109.99 $99.00
CAB-RC Craftmade
Model CAB-RC

If you are looking for a ordinary doorbell, the type a home builder would install in a spec home, then this may not be the product for you.  If you want a doorbell that you neighbors will envy, now you are in the right place.  The CAB-RC by Craftmade features a detailed, intricate design with a painted renaissance crackle finish.

Not Yet Rated
$99.67 $89.00
HE-2315-OF Heath Zenith
Model HE-2315-OF

A mission style real poplar wood wired chime with a mica inlay stained in a rich oak color.  Plays one of ten polyphonic tunes with adjustable volume control.

Not Yet Rated
$124.03 $119.98
CH1201-AWD Craftmade
Model CH1201-AWD

When describing this Craftmade doorbell in an antique, distressed white paint, I told my wife it looks like shabby chic is making a comeback.  She looked at me, rolled her eyes and said it never went away.

5 Star Rating
$89.00 $75.00
C3-PW Craftmade
Model C3-PW

Gorgeous rosewood cabinet doorbell with antique pewter and rustic gold accents.  Three short antique pewter tubes complete this decorative doorbell.

4 Star Rating
$452.40 $378.00
CAC-FZ Craftmade
Model CAC-FZ

This beautiful carved corbel designed doorbell also serves as a decorative wall shelf.  Finished in a hand-painted Florentine bronze paint for a designer look is pleasant to the ears and gorgeous to the eyes

Not Yet Rated
$99.99 $89.00
RCW3503N Honeywell
Model RCW3503N

The Honeywell RCWL3500 series of door chimes offers both a classic and contemporary design.  The glass, natural wood and metallic accents offer a variety of choices for the most discriminating buyer, and there's even one finished in a natural wood that you can stain or paint.  These wired door chimes are functionally and ascetically superior to many chimes on the market today.  This series offers the flexibility of using batteries or a wired doorbell transformer to power the unit.

Not Yet Rated
$79.98 $62.98
HE-2317-OW Heath Zenith
Model HE-2317-OW

Classic styling on this wired door chime by Heath/Zenith.  With its Greco-Roman styling and packed with features, this product is a sure pleaser!

Not Yet Rated
$74.98 $60.98
CH5202-DO Craftmade
Model CH5202-DO

This doorbell has a deep, dark oak look with hand-painted gold and silver details with a large chime mechanism.  Large resonanace chambers for this model provides a louder and richer sound than you may find in similar models.  Very similar to the CH1202-DO except this one is darker whereas the CH1202-DO has more of a red hue.

Not Yet Rated
$127.40 $105.00
HZ-61 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-61

What a neat looking doorbell.  Heath/Zenith has created an interesting doorbell with solid wood cover finished in a Rosewood stain, a seeded glass inlay, and oil rubbed bronze tubes

5 Star Rating
$169.98 $128.98
CH1901-SS Craftmade
Model CH1901-SS

Just what you are looking for!  This Nouveau Series doorbell is curved with a stainless steel finish giving an ultra sleek design and feel.  "So hot you can cook off it" is how Little Jimmy describes this chime here in our offices.

5 Star Rating
$88.40 $75.00
57-M Heath Zenith
Model 57-M

Are you looking for a sleek doorbell with a modern design?  Well look no further than this wired doorbell by Heath/Zenith.  Featuring rounded corners, black horizontal lines across a white cover, the 56M is worth a look.

Not Yet Rated
$125.55 $89.34
56 Heath Zenith
Model 56

Need a real wood door chime to accent your Craftsman style home?  The Heath/Zenith 56 is a gorgeous chime for any home style.

Not Yet Rated
$161.10 $114.63
HZ-48 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-48

Brown cherry finish on raised panel with two brass tubes attached to sides ads a simple touch of class to any home.

Not Yet Rated
$99.98 $86.98
RC212 Broan
Model RC212

Nutone/Broan offers the RC212, a wired doorbell with a real wood cover and real brass tubes.  Works with one or two doors.

Not Yet Rated
$15.86 $10.98
HZ-74 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-74


A hardwired chime that plays multiple tunes.  Heath-Zenith has created a doorbell you typically won't find in the industry.   Not only does this chime sound great, it has a creamy texture that looks great too.

Not Yet Rated
$120.90 $86.03
HE-2316-WB Heath Zenith
Model HE-2316-WB

An interesting wired chime that mimics a design hand carved into weathered stone.  A hidden speaker in the center of the chime plays one of ten polyphonic tunes.

Not Yet Rated
$132.24 $94.09
HE-2219-CH Heath Zenith
Model HE-2219-CH

The HE-2219-CH is a wired door chime with satin nickel scroll work chocolate cover. This wired chimes chocolate cover truly sets this device apart from the others.

5 Star Rating
$108.98 $99.98
HE-2214-SN Heath Zenith
Model HE-2214-SN

The HE-2214-SN is a contemporary polyphonic wired door chime from Heath Zenith. It features Satin Nickel trim and a frost front panel. The chime will use 4 different polyphonic melodies.

Not Yet Rated
$79.98 $59.98
CAR-RC Craftmade
Model CAR-RC

Detailed scroll work on the front grill with a hand painted crackle finish provide a note of old-world-charm to this recessed mounted wired doorbell by Craftmade.

Not Yet Rated
$109.20 $89.00
96-M Heath Zenith
Model 96-M

This basic wired door chime is installed by wiring it into your home. You must have a transformer and push button to be able to operate this chime. The chime has a White molded cover that has a unique flowing line design.

Not Yet Rated
$34.66 $24.66
HZ-67-C Heath Zenith
Model HZ-67-C

This 16 V white wired doorbell by Heath-Zenith is an economical product that will cover with two doors.

Not Yet Rated
$42.90 $30.53
95-B Heath Zenith
Model 95-B


This basic wired door chime from Heath Zenith features a White molded cover. It will require a low voltage transformer and a push button for operation.

3 Star Rating
$17.65 $12.56
HZ-84 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-84


The HZ-84 is a unfinished poplar cover door chime. This means you can paint or stain the cover to blend in with your home. You can also make it look however you want with painting or staining.

Not Yet Rated
$59.98 $42.98
DH315 Thomas and Betts
Model DH315

Dark oak color finish on this wired chime by Carlon.  Works with two doors. A great performing wired chime at a great price point.

Not Yet Rated
$21.01 $16.98
HZ-SL-79 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-SL-79

The HZ-SL-79 is a solid oak cover door chime from Heath Zenith. The chime has a Solid Wooden Oak cover and two stylish Satin Brass tubes on the side. The chime will play a 2-note melody for the front door and a 1-note melody for the back door.

Not Yet Rated
$73.48 $52.28
HZ-76 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-76

The HZ-76 is a classic solid maple wired door chime from Heath Zenith. It features Brushed Nickel side tubes. The chime requires 1 low voltage transformer and 1 push button in order for it to be operational.

Not Yet Rated
$108.98 $92.98
CC-BN Craftmade
Model CC-BN

I wonder if the folks over at Craftmade are creating works of art of doorbells? They would say both.  Not only do their doorbells work great, I challenge you to find better designed and stylish doorbells from any other manufacturer.

Not Yet Rated
$93.60 $85.00
47 Heath Zenith
Model 47

This sleek modern door chime from Heath Zenith comes with either a Satin Nickel or White cover. The door chime will require a push button and low voltage transformer for operation. The chime will play a 2-note melody for the front door and a 1-note melody for the back door.

Not Yet Rated
$54.55 $38.81
HZ-29 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-29


This mechanical chime with viewer will require no batteries or electricity in order to operate. The physical push of the push button outside will make the chime sound. The chime will play a 2-note melody for the front door and a 1-note melody for the back door. The chime its self is White with the push button being Polished Brass and Black.

Not Yet Rated
$34.45 $24.51
HZ-SL-50 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-SL-50

This classic wired door chime from Heath Zenith has a Off-White cover with Satin Brass tubes. The door chime will play a 2-note melody for the front entrance and 1-note melody for the rear entrance. You must have a low voltage transformer and push button in order to operate this door chime. This classic styled wired door chime will fit in wonderfully in your home.

Not Yet Rated
$40.22 $28.62
C4-PW Craftmade
Model C4-PW

When only the best will do, choose this traditional rosewood cabinet doorbell with antique pewter and rustic gold accents.   The 4 hanging antique pewter tubes give this bell a dramatic look!

Not Yet Rated
$630.00 $550.00
32-M Heath Zenith
Model 32-M

This contemporary wired door chime from Heath Zenith is available in either White or Satin Nickel. The door chime will play a 2-note melody for the front door and a 1-note melody for the back door. This door chime requires a push button and a low voltage transformer to operate.

Not Yet Rated
$39.47 $28.08
CH1801-ST Craftmade
Model CH1801-ST

I want a doorbell that looks like an old dark stone with traces of gold in it.  Well then mister you've come to the right place then.  The CH1801-ST would be the doorbell of your dreams because I have never seen one like it yet.

Not Yet Rated
$88.99 $75.00
HZ-SL-40 Heath Zenith
Model HZ-SL-40

This indented step design door chime from Heath Zenith has a White molded cover. The indented step design on the cover makes this chime a stylish addition to your home. The chime will require one push button and a low voltage transformer for operation. The chime will play a 2-note melody for the front door and a 1-note melody for the back door.

Not Yet Rated
$37.62 $26.78
DH300 Thomas and Betts
Model DH300

Two tone sound for front door, one tone for back.  Great price point for this wired chime.

Not Yet Rated
$21.27 $14.98
DH636 Thomas and Betts
Model DH636

Wired Chime with Medium Wood Cover. Sounds two notes for front door and one note for back door.

Not Yet Rated
$36.98 $29.98
DH509 Thomas and Betts
Model DH509

Brass inlays set in a real wood, cherry finish cover embellish this great chime.  A nice wired doorbell with real wood in a cherry finish and real brass tubes.  Upgrade your home today with the classy wired doorbell by Thomas & Betts.

Not Yet Rated
$50.26 $39.98
DH320 Thomas and Betts
Model DH320

A nice, rich mahogany print finish lends a classy style to this wired door chime by Carlon, Thomas and Betts.  Install this beauty where you need to add a decorative touch of class. Works with one or two doors.

Not Yet Rated
$22.18 $8.98

The iChime is the world's most versatile doorbell. It's programmable, allowing you to select one of the  dozens of built-in door chime sounds for holidays, special occassions, and other favorite sounds, making this a really neat, and unique doorbell. The IChime is also is a fully programmable and recordable doorbell.  Download your favorite of the moment tune or surprise your guests with a college fight song! 

4 Star Rating
$108.52 $87.25
DH600 Thomas and Betts
Model DH600

Beveled diagonal lines carved into the wood cover of this wired door chime with medium colored natural finish.  Works with one and two doors.

Not Yet Rated
$37.98 $34.98
DH251 Thomas and Betts
Model DH251

One or two door capable direct wired door chime works with either a doorbell transformer or batteries. 

Not Yet Rated
$35.18 $22.98
DH504 Thomas and Betts
Model DH504

Real brass tubes adorn this white direct wired doorbell by Carlon. Works with two doors.

5 Star Rating
$40.85 $29.98
RC206 Broan
Model RC206

Nice looking wood doorbel by Broan (Nutone).  Vertically stepped wood panels designed into real wood cover with a natural oak fnish would be a fine addition to any home or business.

Not Yet Rated
$32.47 $24.98
DH853E Thomas and Betts
Model DH853E

Amaze your friends and family with this door chime by Carlon.  When they ring your front doorbell, this chime will play one of 29 tunes!  Powered by a 16 V transformer or 4 AA Batteries.

5 Star Rating
$50.26 $34.98
DH120 Thomas and Betts
Model DH120

Economical basic white wired door chime by Carlon.  Vertical grooves cut into cover adds an interesting design element to this doorbell.

Not Yet Rated
$13.44 $12.98
DH506 Thomas and Betts
Model DH506

A natural real wood cover with wood slats, brass inlays, and real brass tubes attached to the side.  A great decorative chime that would make a fine addition to any home.

Not Yet Rated
$42.98 $36.98
DH130 Thomas and Betts
Model DH130

A white wired doorbell with a crown molding design ads an elegant and sophisticated look to your home.

4 Star Rating
$18.98 $14.98
RC208 Broan
Model RC208

Real wood with natural oak finish. Horizontal styling combines with tapered construction to create this classic look on great doorbell with an even greater price. 

Not Yet Rated
$26.16 $24.98
DH110 Thomas and Betts
Model DH110

Econimical doorbell for single door operation by Carlon.  Rectangular shape, white, with gold trim.

Not Yet Rated
$25.97 $19.98
DH252 Thomas and Betts
Model DH252

Battery or transformer powered. One or two door operation.

4 Star Rating
$22.15 $19.98
RC308 Broan
Model RC308
Real wood. Classic arched top, cabinet-style design.
Not Yet Rated
$42.41 $39.98
RCW100N Honeywell
Model RCW100N

The RCW100N1000/N Honeywell Wired Door Chime is a convenient way to replace a doorbell system when you don't want to install a new transformer.  This product works with a doorbell transformer or using batteries.

Not Yet Rated
$26.00 $16.99
RCW101N Honeywell
Model RCW101N

easuring 4 inches in length, 6.5 inches in height, and 1 7/8 inches in width, the Honeywell RCW101N1008/N Wired Battery Powered Door Chime is a great chime as it can run on batteries, or a low voltage transformer.  If your transformer breaks or you do not have one, no worries, this wired doorbell by Honeywell still works beautifully powered by batteries.


Not Yet Rated
$16.64 $12.98
CA3-RC Craftmade
Model CA3-RC

This isn't your ordinary, plain Jane looking door chime.  With intricate detailed scroll-work, real hanging tubes, the crackled finish ads just the right touch of real-world charm.

5 Star Rating
$475.80 $378.00
CA4-RC Craftmade
Model CA4-RC

The CA4-RC is a elaborately carved cabinet doorbell with brass chime tubes, all painted in a renaissance crackle finish.  Well equipped with a volume control and a beautiful Westminster melody.  Unlike any other doorbell!

Not Yet Rated
$647.40 $498.00
CH1202-DO Craftmade
Model CH1202-DO

"Sir, would you like a fine cigar with your brandy?"  As I sit back in the plush leather chair in the elegant country club with rich oak paneling, I see the CH1202-DO doorbell by Craftmade on the wall.  Well, a little out of place only because I cannot see a doorbell actually hung inside the country club lounge.,..but if I could, this would the door chime.

Not Yet Rated
$91.00 $75.00
CH1405-PT Craftmade
Model CH1405-PT

The frosted white glass inside a pewter frame creates a unique contemporary design for the most discerning buyer.

Not Yet Rated
$78.00 $69.00
CH1415-OBG Craftmade
Model CH1415-OBG

When I retire, I want a spanish style villa with an Olive Grove in the front.  And I want this to be the doorbell that welcomes my guest into the villa.  The CH1415-OBG by Craftmade feature tea-stained glass set in a oil rubbed bronze frame


Not Yet Rated
$80.60 $69.00
CH1505-BK Craftmade
Model CH1505-BK

Craftsman style quality doorbell by Craftmade features a hand carved window pane design with tea-stained glass.  

5 Star Rating
$96.20 $79.00
CH1515-BK Craftmade
Model CH1515-BK

Add beauty to your home with this hand-carved scroll design doorbell.  This designer bell has a matte black finish with tea-stained glass.  You won't typically see this much design quality with most doorbells

Not Yet Rated
$96.20 $79.00
CAT-RC Craftmade
Model CAT-RC

Another soon to be classic wired doorbell by Craftmade.  With a Acanthus Leaft hand carved into the resin cover and a tube on each side, this is a true functional work of art.

Not Yet Rated
$124.80 $105.00
CH5201-BK Craftmade
Model CH5201-BK

This elegantly hand-carved chime has a beautiful black semi-gloss finish.  The large resonance chamber allows for a louder and richer two note chime than standard doorbells.

Not Yet Rated
$109.99 $99.00
CH2601-AZ Craftmade
Model CH2601-AZ

Simply beautiful!  When simple is the style, this mission inspired doorbell with an antique bronze finish winner!  This bell comes finished with an antique bronze rub.

Not Yet Rated
$65.00 $60.00
RC210N Broan
Model RC210N

This is a great doorbell at a great price.  Real wood unfinished color allows you to customize the look of this doorbell using your favorite color or stain. Works on up to 2 doors.

Not Yet Rated
$39.98 $9.99
CH1201-BK Craftmade
Model CH1201-BK

Elegant hand-carved rectangular door chime jewel box design with a black semi-gloss finish.  This door chime will add a touch of class to your home.  Sleek and stylish, this door chime will work will in a variety of home styles.  A smart choice for any decor!

Not Yet Rated
$79.99 $75.00
CH2401-UO Craftmade
Model CH2401-UO

Back by popular demand, the CH2401-UO is a wired doorbell with a real oak, unfinished cabinet so you can stain or paint it the way you want to.

Not Yet Rated
$48.98 $42.00
CB-REC Craftmade
Model CB-REC

When you want to doorbell that "blends" in with your home or office decor, I don't know of any that will blend in any better than this recessed mounted, wired doorbell that you can paint to match the wall.

Not Yet Rated
$54.99 $49.00
CBGW-CNV Craftmade

With two mounting options (flush or recessed) and the fact you can paint it, makes this wired doorbell from Craftmade on of the most versatile ones we have.  Stylish and versatile, what more could you want?

Not Yet Rated
$48.98 $45.00
SS686 Thomas and Betts
Model SS686

Decorative Wired Wood Chime with flower panel.  One or two door operation  - sounds two notes for front door and one note for back door.  Ideal chime for new installations or replacing broken door chimes.

5 Star Rating
$16.87 $9.99
DH310 Thomas and Betts
Model DH310

There's something pretty about the simplicity of this wired doorbell by Carlon.  Two door capable, low cost and reliable.

Not Yet Rated
$22.18 $9.98
RC210 Broan
Model RC210

The Broan/nuTone RC210 is a small, compact wired doorbell with a real wood cover available in an oak or unfinished finish. 

Not Yet Rated
$15.08 $9.99
ICH1620-BN Craftmade
Model ICH1620-BN

Brushed nickel, interconnected rings adorn the cover and surround a white, frosted glass insert illuminated with a LED bulb. 

Not Yet Rated
$129.98 $120.00
ICH1605-AI Craftmade
Model ICH1605-AI

This is a rectangular shaped, wired doorbell finished in aged iron and a frosted-white glass cover on the face.  Inside the base of this industrial styled wired door chime sits an adjustable LED that provides a warming glow behind the glass.

Not Yet Rated
$119.98 $109.00
SL-6270 Heath Zenith
Not Yet Rated
$100.41 $71.44

A Wired Doorbell is an attractive and efficient way to improve your home. Install a new modern doorbell or replace an older or inoperable one by shopping our large selection.  Doorbells come in a wide variety of wood tones, shapes, sizes, and sounds. Choose the design that best matches your needs and home decor; whether you want a modern design or a traditional wired doorbell kit. If you are installing a newly wired doorbell, don't forget a doorbell button, doorbell transformer, and bell wire!  If you do not have a doorbell, are building a home, or are replacing an existing doorbell, please do not hesitate to call and speak to someone at 1800Doorbell for help selecting the right fit.  Designer Doorbells featured in this category are chimes that feature more of a decorative element or designer flare. Whether you prefer a contemporary wired doorbell or a more traditional statement, we have something to meet every decorating style! Our Craftmade wired door chimes are not only stylish and beautiful to look at, but substantial in size, weight and functionality! If you do not find the wired doorbell here that suits your fancy, keep checking back often as we are constantly seeking new lines and products to add to our extensive line.

**For the designer doorbells listed in our store, please make sure that you have all the necessary components for installation. We recommend the T1610 16V doorbell transformer and bell wire if these are not already in place. Pushbuttons come in a variety of finishes, with and without light, and various mounting options such as flush, surface, or recessed.

If installing a replacement or newly wired doorbell is daunting, you might want to think about a wireless doorbell such as a plugin wireless door chime or a battery operated model.  These products have come a long way over the years, and many models are just as stylish as traditional wired versions.

What You Will Need for Your Home or Office:

There are four components to a complete system.  The doorbell (the chime that you hear), the push button (the part your press), bell wire, and a properly sized transformer.  There are wired doorbells that are battery operated and do not need a transformer.  Please be aware if you have a battery operated wired chime, you cannot use a lighted push button.  The lighted button draws too much power and would quickly drain the batteries.

If you want to replace a chime in your home, the installation requirements may be different from a new installation.  For a replacement, the first step would be to ensure the transformer (if you have one) is working correctly.  Next, double check to ensure the push button is working correctly. 

If you have any questions while selecting your wired doorbell and button, please do not hesitate to call one of our helpful customer service representatives at 1-800-366-7235.  We know all there is to know about doorbells, so you don't have to!