TB1040-AI Unique Modern Design Touch Button for Wired Doorbells

Unique Modern Design Touch Button for Wired Doorbells Model TB1040-AI

Manufacturer: Craftmade
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Stacked Rectangles Touch Button - Aged Iron
$58.98 $55.00

Accessories & Variations:
Stacked Rectangles Touch Button - Brushed Nickel
$58.98 $55.00

If there was ever an opportunity for a doorbell button to be the talk of the town, this is it.  Technically speaking, these are not even doorbell buttons, they are "touch buttons." That's because they don't really have a center button you would press on a traditional doorbell button.  A simple touch, even with gloves on, actives this doorbell button.  They are calibrated to work with the human touch to eliminate false triggers.

As if that weren't enough, Craftmade didn't stop there.  These intelligent designed wired doorbell buttons have feedback.  When the doorbell ring is activated, the illumination by LED turns on and off to provide positive feedback that the doorbell actually has been rung.

The doorbells are illuminated by an LED that comes with a lifetime warranty. They will never burn out and always stay cool to the touch.  Constructed of die-cast metal with an interior insulating gasket, these push buttons will last for years.

These doorbell buttons also have a mounting technique that hides the mounting hardware to provide a clean look.

  • Two finish options are available:
    • TB1040-AI Aged Iron
    • TB1040-BN Brushed Nickel
  • "Touch Technology" means doorbell button is activated by the touch of finger, even with gloves on
  • Touch sense technology provides visual indicator when doorbell rings
  • Surface mounted
  • Requires 16V wired doorbell transformer
  • Illuminated by LED
  • LED has lifetime warranty
  • Touch button case is die-cut and features an insulated gasket for durability
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Manufactured by Craftmade

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Unique Modern Design Touch Button for Wired Doorbells
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5 Star Rating
(Cleveland, OH)
This thing really works with just a gentle touch! And it actually has 4 bright LEDs inside that blink off momentarily when touched. Plus, I can even read a book by its outdoor lighting (think safety here). Interestingly, it has a very low power consumption according to my milliwatt meter readings (like pennies per month). All I had to do was wire it in place of my old burned-out doorbell button with the same two wires. It was 1-2-3... that easy!

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