STROBE12-B 12V Strobe Lights In A Variety of Colors

12V Strobe Lights In A Variety of Colors Model STROBE12-B

Manufacturer: SECO-LARM
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4 Star Rating
Condition: New
Blue Strobe Light, 12V DC

Accessories & Variations:
Amber Strobe Light, 12V DC
Clear Strobe Light, 12V DC
Red Strobe Light, 12V DC

These handy strobe lights are great to use when you are have a loud environment, like a shop or warehouse, or you are hearing impaired and you need a visual indicator to accompany your audible notification system.

Most of the driveway alarms and entrance alerts sold here have 12V DC outputs which make it easy to connect these strobe lights.  Typically, they work like this:  on the back of these receivers there "terminal screws" or live 12V DC outputs.  Simply connect this strobe light using the wires and when the receiver is notified by the transmitter, they strobe is activated.

The Powerful xenon tube on these informative use storbes produce a flash that is visible from a distance.   Great for use in high noise environment, or for hearing impaired

  • Heavy-duty 18-guage leads
  • Input voltage 6 to 12VDC
  • Input current 120mA +/- 20% at 6VDC, 200mA +/-20% at 12VDC
  • Flash rate over 60/minute at 6V, 90/minute at 12V
  • Improper polarity connection will not damage circuitry
  • Operating lifetime of over 300 hours, or over 2,000,000 flashes prior to bulb burning out
  • Temperature range of 22-140 degrees
  • Lens made of high impact, heat resistant acryrex
  • Case made of high impact resistant abs plastic with diameter of 4'
  • UL listed
  • Manufactured by Seco-Larm



Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: 12V Strobe Lights In A Variety of Colors
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1 Star Rating
Don't buy this product if you want a strobe light. This is a light that when hooked up to arnDA50L-A entrance alert will blink ONCE, hardly a strobe. True, I might be missing something other than the customers I see getting in their cars and driving away.

Customer Service Reply:

Hello, If you change DipSwitch 5 to the ON position the light will flash for 5 seconds, which is about 15 times. Call us and we would be happy to help.
5 Star Rating
(louisville Ky)
Worked great, great price. Bigger than it looks on the site, it is about 4" at the base wish the base foot print was posted. But I wired up to my power supply and inline switch worked just fine.
5 Star Rating
(Brenham, TX)
We bought this strobe light to use with the long range wireless door alert kit, and it works great! It's the perfect solution as it can sometimes be very loud in our warehouse, so even if we don't hear the receiver chime we can still see the strobe light and know that a customer has come in. It doesn't flash obnoxiously, which is great; just two quick flashes and that's it. Would recommend this item to anyone looking for a similar setup.

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