WA-434RTL Water Alert Kit

Receive Instant Alert When Water is Detected Model WA-434RTL

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Water Alert Kit
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A busted hot water heater can end up costing you a significant amount of money.  Not just the expense of replacing the hot water heater, but the clean up and replacement caused by the water damage.  The problem is, it's really hard to know if and when something like this is going to happen---that is unless you have something like the the WA-434RTL Long Range Household Alert kit by Skylink.

This water alert kit alarms you the instant the sensor detects water.   Once water is detected, the sensor will transmit a wireless signal up to 800 feet a way to the plug-in receiver and cause the respective zone on the receiver to flash and beep for 15 seconds when in alert mode.

Setup is easy.   The first step is to pair the sensor to with the receiver.  This is a simple process that's done with some simple pushes of the pairing buttons (see attached manual).

Once you have paired the transmitter with the receiver, test the pairing and the sensor by placing the end of the sensor in water.  Once tested, mount it using the supplied mounting accessories.  Simply mount the transmitter portion at least 6 inches above the end of sensor.  

The sensor included in this kit is powered by a 3V lithium battery.  The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet.  The sensor/transmitter has a max range (to the receiver) of up to 800 feet.  Walls, construction materials, and other environmental factors will diminish the signal.

The receiver has four zones, and up to four transmitters/sensors may be paired to each zone.  The receiver has three operational settings: alert, alarm, and off. 

In Alert Mode - The corresponding zone will flash and also beep a number of times that corresponds to the respective zone in a continuous loop for 15 seconds.

In Alarm Mode - When activated, the corresponding zone will flash and the alarm will sound for it's max duration setting of 3 minutes.  Pressing the mute button on the receiver will stop the alarm sound.


  • This is a complete kit that includes one water sensor/transmitter (WA-434TL) and one receiver (HA-434RL)
  • Alerts you when water is detected
  • Multipurpose – great for laundry rooms, sump pump rooms, basements, bathrooms and more
  • Sensor is powered by included 3V lithium battery.  When battery level is low, corresponding zone on receiver will blink red LED.
  • HA-434-RL receiver operates with as many as 4 sensors (extra sensors are sold separately)
  • Audio and visual alerts
  • Works in an 800-foot range 
  • Easy setup
  • FCC/IC approved
  • 1-year warranty
  • Manufactured by Skylink

Customer Reviews

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4 Star Rating
Not too easy to set up--could be much simpler. Would prefer a battery alert, not electric.
5 Star Rating
(Zephyrhills Fl.)
I wrote the review that started works like a charm. but I forgot to rate it. so I want to rate it as 5 stars. rnthe unit that has the 2 suction cups on it, is stuck on my water heater on top but he other is not stuck to anything as the bottom of the water heater is will still work as the contacts that detect the leakage are resting in a downward position on the bottom so that any contact with water will alert me to a problem.
5 Star Rating
I read the review about the guy not liking this unit. and I was uneasy about ordering it but installing this unit was as easy as 123.I like the long range of the sender and that it is plugged into the is a big load off my mind as my water heater is 12 years old so it is only a matter of time B/4 the detector does it's job.

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