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Skylink Security Systems

We feature 3 easy to install Skylink Wireless Home Security Systems kits.  These systems feature a completely wireless platform that is efficient and totally effective at protecting your property.

The three main kits offered below vary slightly by the components included within each kit.   Choose the one that works best for your home security needs and add on accessories as needed.

Check our wide selection of emergency dialers, motion sensors, flood sensors, keypad controls, remotes, alarms, and more! Customize your system for the most effective office or home security.

SC-1000 Skylink
Model SC-1000

The SC-1000 is a complete wireless home security system with an auto-dialer that calls programmed numbers when an alarm even occurs.  The system is completely wireless, installs and minutes, and is fully expandable with a wide range of sensors and other Skylink home alarm products and accessories.

4 Star Rating
$149.99 $119.98
SC-100 Skylink
Model SC-100

Complete DIY wireless security system, easy to install and ready to use. This system is good for most small to medium size homes.

Not Yet Rated
$99.99 $84.99
SC-10 Skylink
Model SC-10

Complete DIY wireless security system, easy to install and ready to use. This system is good for most small to medium sized homes.

Not Yet Rated
$79.99 $64.99
AD-105 Skylink
Model AD-105

Connect the AD-105 Emergency Dialer to a Skylink sensor or a Skylink Security Alarm Systme Controller to send calls automatically to programmed numbers when a triggered alarm event occurs.

Not Yet Rated
$79.99 $69.99
AS-433E Skylink
Model AS-433E

An audible alarm sensor that "listens" for alarm sounds and transmitts them to compatible Skylink receivers or through the transmitters N/C relay.

Not Yet Rated
$34.99 $27.98
WT-433 Skylink
Model WT-433

This small, easy to install wireless sensor sends a wireless signal to a compatible receiver when the contact is broken.  Works with Skylink Home security products.

Not Yet Rated
$29.98 $14.98
FS-433 Skylink
Model FS-433

Detects overflow/flood when placed along the basement wall, near water heater, washing machine, etc..

Not Yet Rated
$19.99 $16.98
PS-434A Skylink
Model PS-434A

Uses Passive Infrared technology for immediate detection of intruders. Works in conjunction with the Skylink Security System.

Not Yet Rated
$24.99 $19.98
TS-101A Skylink
Model TS-101A

The Temperature Sensor is designed to monitor the temperature of a
specific area, whether that is the indoor temperature or outdoor

Not Yet Rated
$39.99 $29.98
VS-433 Skylink
Model VS-433

Another great product by Skylink.  The VS-433 is a vibration sensor that sends a wireless signal to a compatible device.  When the sensor is moved or feels vibration it is triggered.

Not Yet Rated
$29.99 $26.99
AA-433 Skylink
Model AA-433

Do you have a security system but have trouble hearing it?  The AA-433 is an audio alarm by Skylink which may be used in alarm mode or chime mode to notify a listener when a sensor is triggered.

Not Yet Rated
$39.99 $34.99
SW-433 Skylink
Model SW-433

When you need an alarm notification but do not need an loud audio alarm, the SW-433 Silent Alarm by Skylink great product to consider

Not Yet Rated
$29.99 $24.95
KP-434 Skylink
Model KP-434

A versatile product, the KP-434 is a wireless keypad designed to be used in conjunction with your Skylink Home Security Alarm System or compatible Skylink Sensors and Accessories

Not Yet Rated
$29.99 $24.99
MS-001 Skylink
Model MS-001

Used in conjunction with Door/Window sensor (WT-433) . Attaches to all doors, windows, entrances.

Not Yet Rated
$9.99 $7.99
4B434 Skylink
Model 4B434

This small, powerfull keychain is used with the Skylink Home Security Alarm systems to arm/disarm the controller AND also may be used with a Skylink Auto-Dialer.  When the red panic button is pressed it will immediately actived the alarm or auto-dialer.

Not Yet Rated
$19.99 $16.99
PT-434 Skylink
Model PT-434

A small, compact panic transmitter by Skylink first most keychains and necklaces.  Compatible with Skylink Home Security Systems and Emergency Dialer products by Skylink, this transmitters allows you to roam up to 100ft. away from the device you need to transmit to

Not Yet Rated
$19.99 $17.99
HW-434 Skylink
Model HW-434

Used with a Skylink Emergency Dialer this product creates a nice medical alert system without the expensive monthly fees.  The HW-434 is waterproof, comfortable, and most of all, reliable.

Not Yet Rated
$19.99 $16.99

We offer the convenience of do-it-yourself security systems like the Skylink Gold Deluxe Security System, or SC-1000. With products like this, you don’t need to spend the heavy investment involved with calling a security company. This system is not only easy to install, but features a completely wireless platform that is efficient and totally effective at protecting your property. With enough protective elements to cover a large-sized home or business, the motion sensor and two door/window sensors (also available with additional sensors and accessories) assures you superior protection inside your house, business, or anywhere security is an issue.

With easy to use Skylink Security Systems, eliminate expensive monthly monitoring charges with the optional emergency dialer unit.   This unit gives you the ability to automatically call for help when the alarm is triggered.

Your security center console can handle up to 24 individual sensors that range from the typical door, window, and motion sensors to the specialty flood, smoke, and temperatures sensors. Once any of these sensors is triggered, the control panel will sound a siren and transmit a wireless signal to the emergency dialer unit. This handy unit will then automatically call preset telephone numbers (which you can customize) for help. If an emergency should occur, your Skylink system has the ability to call up to nine telephone numbers to request assistance.

Today we have the ability to customize nearly every component of our lives to fit our needs exactly, and our doorbells and security systems are no exception. Make sure that every aspect of your home or business represents that style and esthetic you embody.  Our professionally-trained staff stand ready to answer all of your questions and help create an application that is perfect for you. Don’t settle for mediocrity and protect your biggest investments with style.