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Security Signs & Decals

High Quality Easy To Read, these high visibility signs can be used to increase awareness of your security systems or fool intruders into thinking that you have one. Use them on their own, or in combination with a full alarm system. Place them in yards or windows for a clear warning.

HS4005 Security2020
Model HS4005

This high quality sign can be attached to a wall or stake (screws not included).

Not Yet Rated
$3.98 $2.51
CCTV2 Security2020
Model CCTV2

High quality sturdy vinyl. Dimensions: 11.5" Square

Not Yet Rated
$6.67 $3.98
CCTV3 Security2020
Model CCTV3

WARNING! This signboard reads in bold red text! That itself will cause jitters in the mind of any intruder.

Not Yet Rated
$6.98 $5.98
CCTV5 Security2020
Model CCTV5

High quality sturdy vinyl. Dimensions: 8.5" H x 11.5" W

Not Yet Rated
$6.87 $2.98
ALARM1S Security2020

Available in a high quality sturdy vinyl sign with dimensions of 11" H x 8.5" W or a window sitcker/decal with dimensions of 4 " H x 3 " W, this decal or sign advises that an alarm will sound if the door is opened.

Not Yet Rated
$5.37 $2.98
SC2020-10 Security2020
Model SC2020-10

The SC2020-10 is a set of 10 high quality decals that make for easy visibility and readability. You can paste them anywhere inside your doors or windows for a clear warning. Adhesive is on the front of the decal.

Not Yet Rated
$6.47 $4.98
HS4000D Thomas and Betts
Model HS4000D

Dimensions: 2 5/8"

Not Yet Rated
$6.27 $3.99
STOP1 Security2020
Model STOP1

This bright red stops-sign shaped decal is a 4'' octagon that notifies users they need to stop.

Not Yet Rated
$0.70 $0.69
CCTV1L Security2020
Model CCTV1L

CCTV notice security sign. Available in english or spanish.  Large letters let visitors know they are being monitored.  This will deter crime.

Not Yet Rated
$3.87 $2.98