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Panic Transmitters Warn Others Immediately Of Intruders, Suspicious Activity and Items

WPS-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model WPS-1000

Handy alert for a patient near their bed or bath, that can simply be pulled to notify when they need attention.

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$49.99 $39.99
PT-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model PT-2500

The panic transmitter has the ability of operating up to a half mile depending on environmental conditions.   Simply push the button located on the included transmitter anad

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$129.99 $119.98
LH-51208 GE
Model LH-51208

Cary one in your purse or in your pocket.  This looks like a standard key chain, but it has a nice little red colored guide light to help you find the keyhole at night, as well as a loud siren alarm (125dB)

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$25.97 $19.98
MS-2001 Skylink
Model MS-2001

Many of us are in situations where we are caregivers and need to be available for our loved ones in case of an emergency while they still want their independence.  The MS-2001 is an emergency dialer that will notify you when a loved one needs you in an emergency situation.  Using the MS-2001 you can call via the speaker phone to check on the loved one as well.

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$191.24 $112.98
AD-105 Skylink
Model AD-105

Connect the AD-105 Emergency Dialer to a Skylink sensor or a Skylink Security Alarm Systme Controller to send calls automatically to programmed numbers when a triggered alarm event occurs.

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$79.99 $69.99
PT-434 Skylink
Model PT-434

A small, compact panic transmitter by Skylink first most keychains and necklaces.  Compatible with Skylink Home Security Systems and Emergency Dialer products by Skylink, this transmitters allows you to roam up to 100ft. away from the device you need to transmit to

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$19.99 $17.99
HW-434 Skylink
Model HW-434

Used with a Skylink Emergency Dialer this product creates a nice medical alert system without the expensive monthly fees.  The HW-434 is waterproof, comfortable, and most of all, reliable.

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$19.99 $16.99
4B434 Skylink
Model 4B434

This small, powerfull keychain is used with the Skylink Home Security Alarm systems to arm/disarm the controller AND also may be used with a Skylink Auto-Dialer.  When the red panic button is pressed it will immediately actived the alarm or auto-dialer.

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$19.99 $16.99
FMS-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model FMS-1000

Place this wireless floor mat at a door or next to a bed and immediately be alerted when the mat is stepped on.

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$89.99 $79.99
WTS-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model WTS-1000

Use this wireless telephone signaler to send a wireless signal to a receiver whenever your phone rings.  The receiver is portable and can sound a loud chime and flashing light to notify you.

Not Yet Rated

Don't let the premises of your school, business, care facility, or public buildings go without the protection of a panic transmitter. Alert others immediately so appropriate action can be taken.

Protecting your premises against intruders, questionable actions or suspicious items does not have to be a complicated and expensive undertaking. A panic transmitter will allow you to effectively, yet inexpensively warn others immediately when conditions warrant a need for help.  Simply press the button of a handheld pushbutton transmitter and a wireless signal is sent to a receiver/chime unit.  Most units will allow you to have multiple transmitters and chime receivers that may be used in conjunction with each other. This will allow you to place a chime receiver in every classroom or office. Many of the units will allow multiple transmitters, so you may arm as many members of your staff as needed. Waterproof panic buttons allow for use outdoors in all weather. Panic transmitters are also an effective device for care facilities, schools or nurseries to warn others of missing persons such as children or elderly patients.

  • Alerts others immediately of security breaches, questionable activity or suspicious items
  • Inexpensive alert system for schools, offices, care facilities, nurseries, special gatherings or events
  • An effective missing persons alert device

Protecting your school, facility, office does not have to be a daunting task with an extreme cost.

panic transmitterMany systems offer a choice of chime melodies, so alerting others can be done in a discrete, soothing manner versus a blaring siren which may cause individuals to become uneasy and scared. This is extremely helpful in schools, day care facilities, nursing homes or other areas where you want to keep children or the elderly as calm as possible while appropriate measures may be taken to avoid incident.

The systems we offer are extremely easy to use and most are expandable and can be custom tailored to fit your needs. Many allow the ability to add PIR or Active infrared detectors, vehicle detection devices, etc. Regardless if your needs are simple or complex we have a panic alert system to help.