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Fake Security Cameras

Watch this short introductory video on fake and dummy security cameras.  You will see how realistic our cameras are and thus how effective they will be a deterring crime.

Security2020 Fake Security Cameras

  • Outdoor dummy security cameras are made from real outdoor camera housing making the most realistic cameras available
  • Deter crime as effectively as real cameras
  • Mount and leave them...don't purchase expensive surveillance recording devices
  • Many options availabe such as flashing red LED, Solar Cell to rechargable batteries
Deter intruders and guard against theft in home or business. Outdoor cameras are currently used in many businesses to improve security and safety. They can be used for porches, driveways, drive-up windows, schools, stores, parkings lots, and much, much more! Keep your property protected and secure.

Free security stickers included. Special warning stickers included showing security cameras on the premises.

Quick and easy installations. All mounting material is included. We suggest the dummy security camera be mounted in a conspicuous area, high enough so that the security surveillance camera cannot be reached without a ladder.

Volume Discounts Available.
Please contact us for information about our volume discounts.

ODOME-R Security2020

If you are looking for a subtle, discrete dummy camera this model is definitely not for you! The black, dome underside of this "camera" is about the same size as a basketball making it stand out like a sore thumb

Not Yet Rated
$62.37 $35.98
SC2025 Security2020
Model SC2025
New low price. Outdoor/Indoor Use.
Not Yet Rated
$10.80 $9.98
SC4040 Security2020
Model SC4040
Dummy IR Camera (with red blinking LED light) Material: ABSLED requires two 1.
Not Yet Rated
$14.01 $13.98
SC2003P Security2020
Model SC2003P

Inexpensive way to deter crime in your office or faciltiy.  Rated for both outdoor/Indoor Use.  Free decal with purchase

5 Star Rating
$6.98 $5.37
HS4050 Security2020
Model HS4050
New low price. Indoor Use.
Not Yet Rated
$4.98 $2.56
SC2020N Security2020
Model SC2020N
Improved New Model Design! Indoor Use.
Not Yet Rated
$6.87 $3.98
SC2060-OD Security2020
Model SC2060-OD

This is a realstic looking fake security camera.  It looks so realistic because it uses real outdoor camera housing that are deployed all over the world.

Not Yet Rated
$39.98 $29.98
SC2072 Security2020
Model SC2072
Sturdy ABS construction. Includes mounting bracket.
Not Yet Rated
$72.47 $12.98
SC2045 Security2020
Model SC2045

Real camera housing without the electronics.

Not Yet Rated
$45.95 $22.98
ML-605 Security2020
Model ML-605

This heavy duty anodized aluminum camera housing is ideal to store various types of real security and surveillance cameras as well as fake cameras. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Not Yet Rated
$25.09 $21.98
DM7 Security2020
Model DM7

Small and easy to mount fake security domes simulate a real surveillance dome camera.  These are greate products that will deter crime in your office or store.

Not Yet Rated

Simply the Best Fake Security Cameras

This is how we describe our fake and dummy security cameras.  The reason is simple...our outdoor dummy security cameras are made in our factory using real outdoor camera housings.  We modify these aluminum ionized housings with options such as LED's, dummy camera lenses, and other available features.  They are virtually indistinguishible from actual cameras because they are the same housing most live cameras are placed in to protect them from the elements.

There is no point in installing a fake security camera when everybody else around you knows it’s a fake, or you can easily tell they are fake.  Fake security cameras, in our opinion, are as effective at DETERRING crime but are less expensive and do not require additional resources to manage them.  Imagine installing a fake indoor dummy camera or outdoor dummy camera at a fraction of the cost of a fully functional professional camera system, yet still have equal deterrent effects.

You can install these dummy cameras to monitor areas where theft or vandalism often occurs.  They are also a good option for parking lots, the garden at your home and office; entry and exit points in your building if you are looking to deter trespassers from entering the site.

It’s not necessary that dummy cameras record images. Owners of small businesses can get a lot of bang for their buck by focusing their security dollars on dummy cameras.  Real cameras are very expensive to purchase, monitor and maintain.  As long as your customers and employees don't know they are fake, they will do the Outdoor Fake Security Camera

Check out our collection of Indoor Dummy Camera, Outdoor Dummy Camera and Dummy Security Domes for your surveillance needs.

Our wide range of Indoor Dummy Cameras look so real that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Cameras can be mounted on a wall, shelf or ceiling. They are made completely rustproof, and once installed, they are virtually maintenance free.   You get fully adjustable metal brackets along with the indoor cameras.

Our Outdoor Dummy Camera has a weather-resistant sunshade so it can be protected from the harsh elements from time to time. They are also designed in such a way to prevent tampering and theft.  Comes pacakaged with the mount and mounting hardware needed for easy installation.

Dummy Security Domes make good sense!  They are lightweight and can be mounted virtually anywhere.  Our dummy security domes look just as good as real dome cameras, and it’s easy to fool observers. One of the most attractive feature is the price!  They are unbelievably affordable! They can be used both indoors and outdoors and a variety of warning decals can be added for additional security.