Driveway Alarms Will Alert You When People Or Cars Enter Your Property

We have a large number of wireless driveway alert systems available.  Our 20 years of experience working with these products has given us unparalleled industry knowledge that we would be happy to share with you.

In the left-hand margin, you will notice a box labeled "Narrow Your Results" to help you choose the right system.   If you would like to see a list of the complete driveway alarm kits, click here: Driveway Alarm Kits

Do you need help deciding on a system that fits your particular needs?  If so, please view our Comparison Chart for help or call us at 800-366-7235.  Also, please visit our Top Three Alarm Kits page for a quick recommendation:


LRA-DRV1000 Safeguard Supply
$99.98 $91.96
Model LRA-DRV1000
DI2000S-A Driveway Informer
$159.98 $139.98
Model DI2000S-A
DCMA-2500 Dakota Alerts
$159.99 $149.98
Model DCMA-2500
DCPA-2500 Dakota Alerts
$319.98 $249.98
Model DCPA-2500
DRV-RCTD-20U Optex
$159.98 $145.98
Model DRV-RCTD-20U
MURS-BS-KIT Dakota Alerts
$239.98 $189.98
VA6000S-RH Voice Alert
$265.20 $239.98
Model VA6000S-RH
$21.98 $18.98
Model STROBE12-B
MURS-CHIME Dakota Alerts
$16.98 $13.98
D2COUNTER Security2020
$26.98 $22.98
D2REMOTECHIME Security2020
$28.98 $24.98
D2LAMPMODULE Security2020
$32.98 $29.98
D2CHIME Security2020
$40.30 $29.98
EXSIR1 Security2020
$21.98 $19.98
Model EXSIR1
MINIBZ1 Security2020
$25.97 $19.98
8DSBS1 Milton
$194.97 $169.98
Model 8DSBS1
8DSBS2 Security2020
$194.97 $149.98
Model 8DSBS2
805 Milton
$110.42 $89.98
Model 805
802 Milton
$131.04 $79.98
Model 802
819 Milton
$29.34 $19.99
Model 819
827 Milton
$109.51 $79.98
Model 827
8100HOSE Security2020
$150.00 $135.00
Model 8100HOSE
825 Milton
$164.65 $99.99
Model 825
8P817 Milton
$11.98 $9.98
Model 8P817

Monitor Kit Comparison Chart
Alarm Model Range Detection Type Zones Compatibility


1,000 ft. (up to 2,000 ft. w/ repeater)



4 Works with all Safeguard Supply Long Range Alert Series products


2,000 ft. PIR, movement 4 Works with additional Rodann transmitters and receivers, also DA50L-A
WMA-3000 650 ft. PIR, movement 4 Works with all Dakota 3000 series products
DCRH-2500 2500 ft. Pneumatic 4 Works with all Dakota 2500 series products - Rubber hose kit.
DCMA-2500 2500 ft. PIR, movement 4 Works with all Dakota 2500 series products
DCPA-2500 2500 ft. Metallic objects 4 Works with all Dakota 2500 series products
MURS-BS-KIT Up to several miles PIR, movement 4 Works with all Dakota MURS products
MAPS-BS-KIT Up to several miles Metallic objects 4 Works with all Dakota MURS products

Driveway Alarm Systems are excellent solutions to alert your home or business when a visitor has arrived!

Perfect for long or hidden driveways, or to allow you just a little extra warning before guests (or intruders) arrive. We offer motion based (PIR); magnetometer (detects metal only), or pneumatic (rubber hose) kits and accessories. There is not one product that fits every scenario, but depends on many important factors :

  • Do you want to identify ALL movement or only vehicles?
  • What is the distance from the transmitter to the receiver?
  • Do you have metal, concrete, stucco, hills or a heavily wooded area?  (These factors will decrease the range of a wireless system).

Because of the level of sophistication newer alarm systems have, you can be alerted by many different ways like through an audible noise, flashing alert, or visual alert depending uopn the model. Remember that the alarm is not going to prevent a car or a person from coming onto your property. It only serves as a notification tool to let you know that the alarm has detected something.

Regardless of your needs, the wireless driveway alarm system is versatile enough to handle most situations and gives you the added comfort of knowing that your property is monitored.

Types of Alerts

It never hurts to have extra eyes and ears on your home or business, and there is no better way to add that extra layer of protection than to have a driveway alarm system installed. This alarm has a motion sensor that lets you know when cars, people or even animals are approaching- depending on which system you choose.
Our wireless systems work on batteries.  However, rest assured that in a power outage, your protection will not be affected, and your home or business will always be safe from harm. All you have to do is replace the batteries periodically.   

The system works by sending a wireless signal from the transmitter to the receiver. Driveway alarms have one of 4 sensors: Passive Infrared, Magnetic Probe, Pneumatic, or Break-Beam.

  • The Passive Infrared senses heat and movement. 
  • The Magnetic Probe, uses a magnetic coil to detect moving metal. 
  • The Pneumatic sensor triggers when air pressure changes are detected (car runs over hose).
  • The Break-Beam sends a beam between the sensors and triggers with movement.
Installation & Set up

The monitoring kits we offer are true do-it-yourself security products and are cost affordable. Setting up or installing this kits at a basic level is simple. As a matter of fact, kits like the Di2000S-A and DCMA-2500 installs in a manner of minutes. The most "difficult" part to install is the sensor/transmitter. The PIR (passive infrared sensors) are mounted using the supplied mounting bracket, while the magnetic probe versions are buried next to the driveway or area you want to monitor.  Also note that these products are robust enough for integration with other devices. The C-relays and live 12V DC output on many of the receivers allows integration with a variety of other products and services.

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