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Driveway Alarms Will Alert You When People Or Cars Enter Your Property

We have a large number of wireless driveway alert systems available.  Our 20 years of experience working with these products has given us unparalleled industry knowledge that we would be more than happy to share with you.

In the left-hand margin, you will notice a green box labeled "Narrow Your Results" to help you choose the right system for you.   If you would like to see a list of the complete driveway alarm kits, click here: Driveway Alarm Kits

Do you need help deciding on a system that fits your particular needs?  If so, please view our Comparison Chart for help or call us at 800-366-7235.  Also, please visit our Top Three Alarm Kits page for a quick recommendation:

Alarm Model Range Detection Type Zones Compatibility
Di2000S-A 2,000 ft. PIR, movement 4 Works with additional Rodann transmitters and receivers, also DA50L-A
WMA-3000 650 ft. PIR, movement 4 Works with all Dakota 3000 series products
WPA-3000 650 ft. Metallic objects 4 Works with all Dakota 3000 series products
DCMA-2500 2500 ft. PIR, movement 4 Works with all Dakota 2500 series products
DCPA-2500 2500 ft. Metallic objects 4 Works with all Dakota 2500 series products
MURS-BS-KIT Up to several miles PIR, movement 4 Works with all Dakota MURS products
MAPS-BS-KIT Up to several miles Metallic objects 4 Works with all Dakota MURS products


DI2000S-A Driveway Informer
Model DI2000S-A

Our best seller and one of the finest driveway alarm systems on the market.  With a range of up to 1,000 feet, this easy to operate system is extremely reliable, expandable, and made in the USA!

5 Star Rating
$159.98 $139.98
DCMA-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model DCMA-2500

Do you have a larger property, ranch, farm, or business where you would like to monitor any movement in and out of the property?  The DCMA-2500 Dakota Driveway Alarm is a high performing alert system perfect when the distance from the monitored zone to receiver is over 1,500 ft.    Compatible with all the products in the Dakota 2500 series of products, this is a great choice for any home, office, or shop.

5 Star Rating
$159.99 $149.98
DCPA-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model DCPA-2500

Similar to the Mighty Mule, the DCPA-2500 detects cars or trucks only.  The distinct difference between the two are the expandability and range of this product

5 Star Rating
$319.98 $249.98
DRV-RCTD-20U Optex
Model DRV-RCTD-20U

Simply put, this is one of the best wireless driveway alarm products available on the market today.  Manufactured by Optex, a long time leader in the wireless sensor arena, this product will notify you when someone or something enters your driveway or monitored area.

5 Star Rating
$159.98 $145.98
WMA-3000 Dakota Alerts
Model WMA-3000

The WMA-3000 is a solid wireless driveway alarm system with a movement based PIR sensor and plugin receiver/speaker.  Range is approximately 650 feet.

1 Star Rating
$169.98 $119.98
WPA-3000 Dakota Alerts
Model WPA-3000

The Driveway Alarm System is a magnetometer based wireless driveway alert system that detects metallic objects only.  Range is approximately 600 feet to receiver.

Not Yet Rated
$209.98 $199.98
MURS-BS-KIT Dakota Alerts

If you need a super long range (up to serveral miles depending on environment) wireless driveway alarm system, look no further.  The MURS BS Kit is a winner, best of class driveway alarm packed with features that has the power the power to go the distance.

5 Star Rating
$239.98 $189.98
MURS-HT-KIT Dakota Alerts

This is essentially the same kit as the MURS-BS-KIT except this kit features a handheld, battery powered transceiver.  Throw the transceiver into your tractor, plow the fields, and get alerted when the sensor detects movement.

Not Yet Rated
$249.99 $199.98
MAPS-BS-KIT Dakota Alerts

Super long range (3-4 miles) wireless driveway alarm to detect vehicles only. Simply bury the probe shallow in the ground and when a metallic object passes, it triggers the transmitter to send a wireless signal up to several miles

5 Star Rating
$359.98 $279.99
MAPS-HT-KIT Dakota Alerts

Whether you are in the back yard working, or riding the tractor out on the back forty, this MAPS HT KIT will alert you when a car or truck enters your property.  Expandable with motion based transmitters, base station receivers, and more.

Not Yet Rated
$369.99 $279.98
M538-BS Dakota Alerts
Model M538-BS

MURS two-way base station radio communcates over long distances with the Dakota Alert driveway alarm kits.  Several miles of two way communication.

Not Yet Rated
$99.98 $89.98
BBT-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model BBT-2500

Do you wish you could monitor a wider area? How about monitoring a perimeter?   These break-beam sensors work with a Dakota Alert 2500 series receiver to alert you when the beams have been broken.  No need to change batteries either - these are solar powered!

Not Yet Rated
$259.99 $239.98
VA6000S Voice Alert
Model VA6000S

The Voice Alert System-6 multi-purpose, recordable, entrance alert / driveway alarm / safety system. Now available in two editions: New Rubber Hose Solar sensor and/or motion sensor!

Not Yet Rated
$188.98 $179.98
VA6000S-RH Voice Alert
Model VA6000S-RH

No description available.

Not Yet Rated
$265.20 $239.98
Model STROBE12-B

Strobe light accessories for use with items that have 12VDC terminal outputs.  Not only hear a chime, see it too!  Many colors to choose from.  Currently, we offer the Enforcer Strobe Light, SL-126Q series.

3 Star Rating
$21.98 $18.98
MURS-CHIME Dakota Alerts

Designed to be used with the MURS base station transceiver, this unit adds a nice chime sound to Dakota MURS and MAPS based driveway alarm products

Not Yet Rated
$16.98 $13.98
SIREN Security 2020
No description available.
Not Yet Rated
$25.99 $19.99
BH-1 Dakota Alerts
Model BH-1

Does not fit 2500 series transmitters.

5 Star Rating
$19.50 $14.98

5-watt external wired speaker is perfect to increase the sound of your driveway alarm receiver or entrance alert receiver.  Simply screw the wires into the back of your receiver to run a speaker to an additional room.

Not Yet Rated
$19.98 $16.98
FIREBELL Security2020

The Firebell Indoor/Outdoor bells utilize a specially designed gong that gives out a loud mechanical resonant tone. NEW 24V version now available!

Not Yet Rated
$44.98 $39.98
DCRH-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model DCRH-2500

Want the benefit of a traditional rubber hose signal bell kit coupled with the wireless range of newer technology?  Look no further than the DCRH-2500 by Dakota Alerts.  This kit features a rubber hose sensor set and a plug-in receiver

Not Yet Rated
$189.98 $169.98
D2COUNTER Security2020
Know how many entered or left your driveway. Plugs into the side of the receiver.
Not Yet Rated
$26.98 $22.98
D2REMOTECHIME Security2020

The D2REMOTECHIME works anywhere in your home when used withan X10 interface module. You can use both these devices and ring a remote bell anyplace in your home at any time.

Not Yet Rated
$28.98 $24.98
D2LAMPMODULE Security2020
Just plug in your lamp It will turn on a lamp when the driveway alarm is tripped. Requires X10 Interface module above.
Not Yet Rated
$32.98 $29.98
D2CHIME Security2020
Plugs into the side of your Driveway Alarm receiver. .
Not Yet Rated
$40.30 $29.98
EXSIR1 Security2020
Model EXSIR1

When you need some extra loud sound to accompany your exit or driveway alarm, or want to create a loud doorbell buzzer, this simple device is a workhorse.

Not Yet Rated
$21.98 $19.98
MINIBZ1 Security2020
Plugs into the side of the receiver. Produces a buzzing sound.
Not Yet Rated
$25.97 $19.98
8DSBS1 Milton
Model 8DSBS1

This type of driveway alarm works best when the hose can be stretched across a hard surface (asaphalt or concrete).  When car drives over hose, and bell chime sound is signaled.  Great for drive through environments.

Not Yet Rated
$194.97 $149.98
8DSBS2 Security2020
Model 8DSBS2

Our Driveway Signal Bells and Chimes are the old-time gas station driveway bells that made famous the familiar "ding.....ding" when you drove your car over the black rubber hose at the full-service gas station. Years ago all service stations had one just like it.

Not Yet Rated
$194.97 $149.98
805 Milton
Model 805

High Quality Hose Driveway Alarm Signal Bell. Works in conjunction with the Anchor & Hose Plug 819 and driveway signal hose up to 300 feet.

Not Yet Rated
$110.42 $70.98
802 Milton
Model 802

This driveway alarm signal bell plays a ding sound when it is triggered by an external device, typically a driveway alarm signal hose.  This product is not a stand alone product, but part of a kit.

Not Yet Rated
$131.04 $79.98
819 Milton
Model 819

Heavy duty, solid steel hose anchor used at the end of rubber hose or to join two hoses together.

Not Yet Rated
$19.34 $14.98
827 Milton
Model 827

Remote Driveway Bell. Must use Driveway Signal Air Switch 8255330518. Used to power multiple Remote Chimes 8303350520 and Remote Bells 8273350519. Up to 300 feet of Driveway Signal Hose. Must also use Anchor & Hose Plug 819-3350517 with hose.

Not Yet Rated
$109.51 $79.98
8100HOSE Security2020
Model 8100HOSE

Buy rubber hose to create a driveway alarm rubber hose signal bell kit in a variety of lengths of 100', 200', and 300'.  For customer lengths, pleaes call for details.

5 Star Rating
$130.00 $100.00
825 Milton
Model 825

Driveway Signal Air Switch. Used to power multiple Remote Chimes 830 and Remote Bells 827. Up to 300 feet of Driveway Signal Hose. Must also use Anchor & Hose Plug 819 with hose.

Not Yet Rated
$164.65 $99.99
8P817 Milton
Model 8P817

Driveway Hose Y Connector used to pneumatically activate more than one Driveway Bell 805-3350516 or Driveway Chime 805-3350515.

Not Yet Rated
$11.98 $9.98

Wireless Driveway Alert SystemOur driveway alarm systems are excellent solutions to alert your home or business when a visitor has arrived!

Perfect for long or hidden driveways, or to allow you just a little extra warning before guests (or intruders) arrive. We offer motion based (PIR); magnetometer (detects metal only), or pneumatic (rubber hose) kits and accessories. There is not one product that fits every scenario, but depends on many important factors :

    -Do you want to identify ALL movement or only vehicles?
    -What is the distance from the transmitter to the receiver?
    -Do you have metal, concrete, stucco, hills or a heavily wooded area?  (These factors will decrease the range of a wireless system).

Wireless Driveway Alarm System

It never hurts to have extra eyes and ears on your home or business, and there is no better way to add that extra layer of protection than to have a driveway alarm system installed. This alarm has a motion sensor that lets you know when cars, people or even animals are approaching- depending on which system you choose.

Our wireless systems work on batteries.  However, rest assured that in a power outage, your protection will not be affected, and your home or business will always be safe from harm. All you have to do is replace the batteries periodically.   

A few simple tools are needed for installation. These tools are easy to obtain and consist of a screwdriver and drill.  Most receivers will be installed inside the house to keep them protected from the weather. Make sure to check if your model is weather resistant. Also,  make sure that the receiver is somewhere easily heard, if you are using the alarm with audible tones, bells or chimes included in the configuration and setup.

The system works by sending a wireless signal from the transmitter to the receiver. Driveway alarms have one of 4 sensors: Passive Infrared, Magnetic Probe, Pneumatic, or Break-Beam.

  • The Passive Infrared senses heat and movement. 
  • The Magnetic Probe, uses a magnetic coil to detect moving metal. 
  • The Pneumatic sensor triggers when air pressure changes are detected (car runs over hose).
  • The Break-Beam sends a beam between the sensors and triggers with movement.

Because of the level of sophistication newer alarm systems have, you can be alerted by many different ways like through an audible noise, an email or even an SMS text message, all customized to your preference.

In order to get the best solution for your particular needs, there are ssveral factors to consider before purchasing. As you read earlier, some sensors are more sensitive than others so you have to have an idea of what kind of things you want detected. For example, if you own a business with heavy traffic, you may only want the front door to alert you when a person walks in the door.  Iif you own a house, you may want to be alerted when vehicles, as well as people, approach the driveway or the back door.

You also will want to consider what kind of range you would like between the transmitter and the receiver. Most models have a standard six hundred feet range. Some models, however, have distances of a few thousand feet.  When determining the distance you need, make sure to consider trees or walls that may interfere with the signal between the transmitter and the receiver.

So you may find that you need more than one driveway alarm for the same property, especially if it is large or has multiple driveways or multiple restricted areas. The wireless alarm makes it easy to reconfigure more transmitters and sensors to the system you already have in place.

Remember that the alarm is not going to prevent a car or a person from coming onto your property. It only serves as a notification tool to let you know that the alarm has detected something.  

Regardless of your needs, the wireless driveway alarm system is versatile enough to handle most situations and gives you the added comfort of knowing that your property is secure.