SC-SKREC Sidekick Receiver
SC-SKREC Sidekick Receiver

This Sidekick Receiver Is Compatible With All 318 Mhz Silent Call Transmitters Model SC-SKREC

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Sidekick Receiver
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Have you tried other solutions for your hard of hearing family memeber but they all seem to fail? No matter how loud you make the device, they still are not able to hear it?

This Sidekick Receiver will receiver signals from transmitters up to 100 ft away. This receiver will actually flash a bright 110 candela strobe whenever it receives a transmission. The receiver features LED indicators which will inform you of which transmitter is sending the signal that is making the receiver alarm. This receiver is compatible with all 318 MHz Silent Call transmitters. The receiver includes a jack to plug in an optional bed shaker.

  • 100 ft range
  • Compatible with all 318 MHz Silent Call transmitters
  • Bright 110 candela strobe light
  • LED indicators
  • Jack for optional bed shaker
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

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