SC-1000 Skylink Complete Home Security System

A Wireless Skylink SC-1000 Home Alarm System that is Expandable Model SC-1000

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Skylink Complete Home Security System
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Accessories & Variations:
Door/Window Sensor
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Motion Sensor
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Panic Transmitter
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Keypad Control
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Flood Sensor
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Vibration Sensor
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Temperature Sensor
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Silent Alarm
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Alarm Sensor
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Wrist Watch Panic Transmitter
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When you want a reliable home alarm system but don't want to mess with the painful process of calling an alarm company, dealing with installers, and paying monthly fees then this is the system you want.

Many experts will tell you that monitored systems are a waste of money because most criminals are in and out before that monitoring company alerts the police and they make it out to your home.  So why pay high monthly monitoring fees?  With the SC-1000 you don't have to.

The SC-1000 Wireless Home Security System is a complete wireless security kit is great for any home or office. It contains all the basics you need to cover an average sized home, plus includes some great features you will not find in other wireless home security systems.

There are two fabulous features of this kit that you won't find with competitors. First, is the easy set up and installation. Out-of-the-box, the SC-1000 system is ready to get to work protecting your home and family.   The sensors come preset to work with the included control panel, which means you don't have to spend endless hours putting in codes to make sure that each component "talks" to each other.  

Second is the “Auto-dialer, or Emergency dialer” (the AD-105 formerly the AD-433S). The auto-dialer allows you to program up to 9 telephone numbers that the system will dial when the control panel activates it.   Let's face it, most of us have tried typical system that is monitored by a “central monitoring” station and found it isn't as effective or seamless as you might expect.  Typically, when your alarm is triggered, the alarm system seizes the phone line and alerts the central monitoring station. Then, the central station waits before notifying the police in case it is a false alarm.  The truth is, by the time the police are notified and arrive at your home (typically a lead time of 10-15 minutes) the criminal is gone. Most criminals know the average time it takes the police to arrive at your home.

With the use of the Skylink auto-dialer, you, (or anyone that you program into the system) will be alerted immediately!  In addition, you can by-pass the monthly monitoring fee you would pay to a centralized monitoring service.

As an additional bonus, the system can be set to "bypass mode",  which means it will work independently and bypass the control panel.  In this mode, if a sensor is triggered, the auto dialer will dial out without generating an auto alarm.  PLEASE NOTE: when in bypass only mode, the auto dialer unit DOES NOT work with the same sensor used with the unit in Alarm mode.   You will need to purchase two separate sets of sensors if you plan to utilize the bypass mode.  This ONLY applies if you use bypass mode. 

The control panel is capable of controlling up to 24 sensors, whether door or window sensors, vibration sensors, or any of the other sensors compatible with the Skylink system.  When any of the sensors are triggered, a wireless signal is immediately sent to the control panel. The siren sounds and the Auto-dialer (emergency dialer) begins dialing through the preset numbers you have already programmed into the system.

The Emergency or Auto-Dialer is can call up to 9 different phone numbers! Whether it's a pager, cell phone, or a neighbor's number, the auto-dialer will begin dialing numbers until one of the calls is picked up. When the phone is answered, the auto-dialer plays a message you have recorded.

The SC-1000 is a complete wireless security system kit that can be installed in minutes. With the included motion sensor and two door or window sensors, the system covers enough area for a relatively large sized residence. With the purchase of additional sensors and additional accessories the SC-1000 is capable to monitor a business, apartment, or other commercial application.

How does the SC-1000 Alarm System Work?


  1. "Arm the system" through the control panel or by using a Keychain FOB
  2. When an intruder sets off a sensor, the sensor triggers the control panel
  3. The alarm goes off, optional silent alarms and/or loud audio alarms are activated
  4. The dialer begins calling programmed numbers and plays programmed message
  5. You take action as appropriate


Product Kit Features:


  • Compatible with up to 30 Skylink products and accessories
  • Kit ships with:
    • Control panel with audio alarm
    • Voice Dialer (auto dialer)
    • 1 x motion sensor, 2 x door/window contact sensors
    • Wireless Keyfob transmitter
    • Mounting kits
    • 3 x 9V and 3 x 12V batteries
    • Phone line
    • 2 x a/c adaptors
    • Instruction manual
  • Capable of four zone monitoring
  • Manufactured by Skylink
  • One year manufacturer's warranty


  • 1 x Control Panel (SC-001).
  • 1 x Motion Sensor (PS-434A).
  • 2 x Door/Window Sensors (WT-433).
  • 1 x Keychain Transmitter (4B-434).
  • 1 x Emergency Dialer/Auto-dialer (AD-105).
  • 2 x Power Adapters.
  • 3 x 9V Alkaline Batteries.
  • 3 x 12V Alkaline Batteries.
  • Phone line for AD-105 for your home phone outlet.
  • The Emergency/Auto dialer featured in this kit is the AD-105.  The AD-105 has two setting, "Alarm Mode" and "Sensor Mode."  While in sensor mode, the kit's control panel (SC-01) controls the auto-dialer and triggers it to dial.  In this mode, all the sensors and receivers work extremely well.  However, in "Sensor Mode" the sensors included in the kit DO NOT communicate with the dialer, the AD-105.  There are sensors available to use in Sensor Mode but they are not included in this kit.  In normal operation, you will have the AD-105 in "Alarm Mode."  "Sensor Mode" is a new feature of the autodialer and enables it to function in a non-alarm mode. 
  • The Autodialer MUST be connected to your phone line or it will not work.  It will work in some VOIP situations, please call to verify
  • This is a "wireless" home security system, which means it is wireless from the transmitters/sensors to the control panel.  Because it is a security system, the autodialer and control panel must be plugged into a standard wall outlet.  It does have backup batteries that are shipped with the unit.


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5 Star Rating
1800doorbell their name said it all, it their phone number. I called someone actually answered the phone, which is almost unherd of anymore. I explained what I was looking for, they gave me my options. The product arrived quickly and works great. I will and have passed their name on. If you want great service before and after your purchase buy from 1800doorbell you will not be disappointed.
3 Star Rating
overall good but want to let people know the control panel is powered by a a/c adaptor which hangs down the wall. I actually punched it through the dry wall. I wish they had a better way to hide wire.

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