SA101 Sonic Alert Basic Remote Receiver
SA-SA101 Sonic Alert Basic Remote Receiver

Sonic Alert Basic Remote Receiver Model SA101

Manufacturer: Sonic Alert
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Sonic Alert Basic Remote Receiver
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Do you need a simple visual notification system that will install in no time at all?

This basic remote receiver will require no wiring in order to be installed. In order for this device to work you must have a compatible Sonic Alert signaler. To install this device you simply take a lamp and plug it into the outlet located on the receiver. You then plug in the receiver to your wall outlet. There you go it has been installed, simple enough. Additional products can be purchased to expand upon this device.

  • Completely wireless
  • Installs in seconds
  • Compatible with most Sonic Alert signalers
  • Must have a Sonic Alert signaler in order for this product to function
  • Expandable

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