8100HOSE 100 Foot Signal Hose

Need Rubber Hose for a Driveway Alarm Bell Kit? Model 8100HOSE

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8100 Rubber Hose
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Accessories & Variations:
200 Foot Signal Hose
$289.00 $269.95
300 Foot Signal Hose
$450.00 $395.00

Rubber hose for use in pnuematic driveway alarm kits.   When a car or truck drives over this rubber hose, the air pressure create triggers a signal bell to sound a buzzer sound.  

Purchase rubber hose in lengths of 100', 200', and 300' or pleaes feel free to call us for a custom lenght.

This hose is create to replace existing hose or build your own driveway alarm kits.  To build your own kit, you will need the following for a basic configuration:

1) Rubber hose

2) Milton 805 Signal Bell

3) Milton 819 Hose Anchor

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5 Star Rating
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This company is does what it says I received my order prompt.

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