RPW210A White Plastic Wired Button by Honeywell

White Plastic Wired Button by Honeywell Model RPW210A

Manufacturer: Honeywell
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White Plastic Wired Button by Honeywell
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Accessories & Variations:
Honeywell Wired Surface Mount Push Button
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These are in-expensive, basic white wired doorbells with an unbeatable price.  Great for builders and contractors you cannot go wrong with a white button at this price.  Both lighted and non-lighted versions are available.

One of the primary concerns of wired push button users is the difficulty of installation.  Stress no more, as this Honeywell Wired Surface Mount Push Button RPW210A(illuminatd) and the RPW101A (non-lighted), comes with a simple step by step mounting procedure.  This is a surface mount push button which means all you need to do is place the button directly on the surface you want to mount it to and screw it into the wall with the supplied screws.

The push button also features a pristine white UV resistant plastic, which will keep it's stylish design even after years of exposed to direct sunlight.  The push button should work with any wired doorbell which normally can accommodate more than one chime, allowing you to add more push buttons for additional doors. You can take advantage of the RPW210A illumination feature if you are using or planning to buy wired or transformer operated chimes.

If you don't need a lighted button or you have a battery powered wired chime use the non-lighted button.  Only use the lighted button with a transformer powered chime.


While this door push button comes with a one year limited product warranty, rest assured that you are getting only the best with a Honeywell push button.

  • RPW210A features a illuminated rim that surrounds the center white button making it easier to located and find at night
  • RPW101A is a non-lighted version
  • Moulding/case is plastic and treated with an UV-resistant coating to help preserve the color over the years
  • Plasic case
  • White in color
  • Dimensions are 4.9-inches (H) by 2.85-inches (W) by.75-inches (D)
  • Manufactured by Honeywell
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

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