WS-WFM270 TV Talker Amplifying System Video

WS-WFM270 TV Talker Amplifying System Video Transcript

Williams Sound helping people hear Since 1975. Thank you for purchasing the TV talker by Williams Sound my name is Daryl Dankard Technical training manager with Williams Sound. I will show you what is included with your TV talker system and how to connect your TV talker to your television or other audio sources.

First lets look at what’s included with your system. Included in your TV talker system is 1 base station charger transmitter, 1 receiver such as this under the chin style receiver, 1 power supply for the base station transmitter, a set of RCA cables to connect from your television to the base station transmitter. In the event your television does not have output jacks we supply a microphone.

The system also comes with 2 batteries 1 will be inserted in the bottom of the receiver the second battery will be inserted in either side of the base station charger transmitter. Also included is a quick user set up guide and 1 users manual.

Now you are ready to connect the TV talker to your TV or other audio source. Start by plugging the power supply into a working outlet. The other end of the power supply will connect to the jack labelled DC12V located on the back of the transmitter. At this point on the front of the transmitter 1 light should be on this indicates the battery is being charged. The second red light will be on when the receiver is placed in the cradle of the transmitter. You can also charge an optional third battery on the other side of the transmitter.

Next connect the audio from your television to the TV talker. There are 2 ways to do this use the red and white RCA cables or the microphone. Ill explain the microphone in a minute. To use the red and white RCA cables locate the audio out jacks found on your television side or the back. These jacks are color coded red and white but they must be labelled as outputs. Could be audio out, monitor out, or line out. If you do not have these red and white jacks labelled as output then you will need to use the microphone.

Plug 1 end of the RCA cables to those jacks on the television labelled as output ,the other end of the RCA cables will plug into the back of the transmitter. Depending upon which TV talker model you purchased you will notice 6 dim red lights or 1 bright blue light are now on. These are located on the front of the transmitter. This is indicating the system if operating properly. You should now be able to hear your television using the receiver included with the TV talker.

If your television does not have audio output jacks you can use the microphone that we supply with the TV talker. When using the microphone start by inserting the plug of the microphone into the jack on the back of the transmitter labelled mic. Now place the microphone on the television near the speaker. In order to do this you’ll place the microphone closest to the TV speaker. If you’re not sure where your TV speaker is move the microphone around until you can hear the loudest or best audio. Once you have found that location secure the microphone to the television using the Velcro strips supplied on the back of the microphone.

Your TV talker is now connected and ready for years of dependable service. If you still need assistance please consult the manual for troubleshooting tips or you can contact us directly at 1-800-366-7235 or email

Thank you again for purchasing the TV talker from Williams Sound.


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