LH-2500 A Long Range Chime for Business Video

The LH-2500 Video Transcript

Hey, this is Michael at 1800doorbell and I’m talking today about the long range wireless door chime we have, the LH-2500.

If you’re like a lot of businesses, you really can’t afford to miss deliveries at the backdoor or the front door and when you want to keep your front door locked, you really need a good, reliable door chime.

The problem with most door chimes that you’re going to get at a box retail store is it simply won’t have the range that you’re going to need because of the concrete steel rebar, et cetera.

This product ships as a kit with one wireless transmitter and one plugin receiver. It has got a range of 2500 feet and you simply mount it to the door with the included double-sided tape or with the mounting screws and you can hear one of the four tunes that I’ve selected here. It’s the Westminster chime. There are four available tunes that you can choose from.

You can add as many transmitters as you want to this kit, but you got four different tunes so that you can distinguish what transmitter is sending what tune. So, great product if you’re a small business and you really need a reliable door chime for the front or the back or really anywhere.

The product is super small and light. You can see I used Velcro tape here to mount it to the wall. It’s just an all-around great product.


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