Carlon LED Window Candles Video

Carlon LED Window Candlese Video Transcript

Let help you decorate your home for the holidays with our safe, flameless holiday candles. Now you can enjoy your holiday candles without [0:00:11] [Inaudible] hot wax or dangerous flame.

In this video, we will showcase two of the most popular holiday candles: the Traditional Style LED candle with a fire-like orange glow and a pewter base. Also the Deluxe Traditional Style LED Battery Candle [0:00:32] [Inaudible] white color and a deluxe style pewter base.

The Traditional Style LED Single Tier Candle is available either in pewter or bronze base. It illuminates with a fire-like, orange glow. You can choose from realistic flickering light or full-on position. This candle provides varying brightness and extended battery life.

The LED light source eliminates bulb replacement. It is safe and easy to operate. There’s no heat [0:01:07] [Inaudible] and there’s no glass that can break. There’s no need to turn the candle on and off. The candle has a built-in [Inaudible] that turns it on at dusk and off at dawn.

The Deluxe Style LED Battery Candle is available in either pewter, bronze or antique bronze base. The Deluxe Style has all the right features [Inaudible] that illuminates with a beautiful warm, white color. It then has a deluxe style base. There’s also a windowsill mounting clip included in case your windowsill is too narrow.

There are quantity discounts available on many models. There are many more styles of flameless candles to choose from. Just visit us at or give us a call at 1800doorbell for more information.

Remember with the LED flameless holiday candles, there’s no need to worry about extension cords, hot, incandescent bulbs or a real flame. Simply insert the batteries and your realistic-looking LED holiday flameless candles are ready to complete your holiday decorating.


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