DC-1000 Long Range Wireless Chime Product Video

WC180 Wireless Door Chime Video Transcript

www.1800doorbell.com offers a full line of wireless door chimes for your home and business. One of our most popular long range door chimes is the Dakota Alert DC-1000. The DC-1000 offers a simple do-it-yourself solution for mounting a doorbell in a home or business.

The wireless push button will send a signal up to 1000 feet back to the base. Actual range will vary depending upon the local terrain. The base can play any of 16 different tunes to alert you that the button has been pushed.

The 16 tunes are available at the end of this video for you to listen to. You can use up to four different push buttons with the DC-1000 base. Each push button can be set to play different tunes so you can distinguish which door you have a visitor at.

The base also has four indicator lights that you can see at a glance which zone or door was activated. The push button operates on one CR-2450 battery. The base operates on three C-cell batteries. The base unit can be mounted on a wall or door frame or just set on a table top or counter.

Additional push buttons are available for the DC-1000. It is item number DCPB-1000. Remember, the 16 melodies will be coming right up.

For more information on our complete line of wireless door chimes, please visit us at www.1800doorbell.com or give us a call at 1-800-366-7235.

[Tune plays]


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