DA-2500 Long Range Wireless Entrance Alert Video Review

DA-2500 Long Range Wireless Entrance Alert Video Review Transcript

Hey, this is Jason from 1800doorbell and I just want to give you a quick demo of a Door Alert 2500 or a DA2500 product we’re really excited about here.

The reason I’m starting out on a pool is if you’re like a lot of families, especially with kids, you’re constantly in fear of kids walking outside and you not hearing the door open.

What we’ve got here is an entrance alert kit, great for small businesses or any business for that matter. It has got a range of 2500 feet from the receiver, as you see here, up to the transmitter as you see on the door.

Essentially the way this product works is when the door is opened, which I’m going to do here, a wireless signal is transmitted to the receiver. It’s capable of four different zones, which means you could put four different transmitters and it’s going to play a different sound at the receiver so that you know where the sound is originating from. You can always also use this …


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