BL700 Motion Activated LED Deck Marker Lights with Low Glow Technology Introduction Video

Video Transcript

The first thing in new motion deck light needs are batteries. It doesn’t require any tools just pop off the mounting bracket and unsnap the battery housing door. The motion deck light takes three “C” batteries and continues to run on these batteries for between four months and two years depending on usage. As you can see the light turned on right away because I have my hand covering the sensor. This lets us know that it’s working we can put everything back together. We are ready to head outside.

Installing the motion decking light, you want to select a location that allows the motion sensor light to cover the entire area were you would expect someone to need to use the light. We made the motion sensor angle as wide as possible to 160 degrees but the maximum range of thirty feet. You also want to install the lights at a level that allows the LED on the underside to cover the entire space you want to light.

When you have selected your location the motion deck light is installed with the included screws. The deck light comes with three screws; two for the mounting bracket and one security screw that makes the light harder to remove if you want to install it in a public place. To use the screws, detach the bracket, line it up on the wall, and drive it into place.

With the motion deck light installed you can select the bright mode you want it to operate. There are two switches on the underside, one for high and low brightness, and one for long and short duration. In in a walkway,for example, you’ll probably want short duration and high-brightness. In a living space like a deck or patio you’d want long-duration and low brightness. Remember deck light will always check for motion before it shuts itself off so it won’t leave you in the dark.

The motion deck light turns on automatically in low-glow mode at dusk and will brighted when motion is detected. On average the motion deck light will operate for one year or more on one set of batteries, depending on the frequency of use, and the brightness and duration settings you select.


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