BL600 Battery Operated Deck Marker Lights Video Demo

Battery Powered Deck Marker LED Lights Video Demo

Using The BL600 Series Deck Marker Lights Video

Hi my name is a Aaron Goldy. Today I’m going to show you how to use the Xodus deck marker light.

First thing to do when you get your new deck mark light is to install the battery. It takes three AA and to install them remove the mounting plate remove the battery housing or and plug in the batteries. This is specifically designed to be the easy as possible there are no screws, no tools required. Put the batteries in if you put the sensor in a little bit of shadow you should see the light turn on. This means its working we can put everything back together We’re ready to take this outside.

Now the deck marker light comes with two ways to install. First these adhesive strips. You would want to use these on siding or other places in your home where you don’t want to drill holes. Use them attach them to the back of your mounting plate line them up with your wall and press them into place.

The second way to install the deck marker light with the mounting screws. You would want to use these on wooden surfaces like a fence or deck posts. To use the mounting screws remove the mounting plate line it up against the wall and drive in the screws.

Once you’ve got your mounting plate secure and level simply clip the rest of the deck marker light into place. The light will turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. It will continue to operate for at least a year on a single set of batteries.

And now you’re ready to enjoy your deck!


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