BL404 Mini Guide Lights Video

BL404 Mini LED Marker Lights Video Transcript

Hi I’m Aaron Goldy. And I would like to show you how to use the Xodus Mini LED Guide Light.

The guide light comes in a set of 4 with the batteries already included. All that is required to activate each light is to remove the plastic strip. The light will turn on automatically when the environment gets dark. So you won’t see it light up right away. But thanks to this energy saving feature the light can operate on one battery for over a year. When the time does come to replace the batteries simply twist off the back of the light to access the battery compartment.

The purpose of the Mini LED Guide Light is to mark things you want to find or avoid while walking around your house in the dark. Here in my living room I frequently have trouble finding this light switch and wind up bumping into this wall instead.

So this is where I am going to use the guide lights. The lights come with a reusable adhesive pad that allows you to install them on any surface without risk of damage to that surface. If the adhesive becomes dirty, simply clean it with a damp towel allow it to air dry and you can continue to use it.

The combination of adhesive mounting and battery power means the Mini LED Guide Light can go anywhere. From marking hallways and sharp corners to guiding you to light switches and up stairways.

The Mini LED Guide Light can help you find the way.


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