1225L Christmas Tree Ornament Light Controller Video

1225L Christmas Tree Ornament Light Controller Video Review Transcript

This is a quick demo of the 1225L which is a Christmas tree on/off control and basically with the touch of this ornament, it turns your Christmas tree lights on and off.

It comes with three parts, the ornament itself, three different versions of that; the box that plugs into your wall outlet; and the wire that connects the box to the ornament. Very easy to install.

You plug the wire into the receptacle box. You plug the other end of the wire into the ornament and then you hang it on the tree. Plug this into the wall and your Christmas tree lights plug in to this receptacle box.

I’ve got a version of it set up on the tree and this is our snowflake touch control and as you will see, with a very simple click or touch, the Christmas tree lights go on or off. Click them again and then they come back on.

Very simple to set up. Here’s the lead wire I was talking about. I’ve just got it fed through the middle of the tree and then it goes down and it’s plugged into the wall. One word of advice is if you have kids, don’t tell them about this because all they’re going to do is want to turn this on and off all day. Great product.


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