RCWL251A Honeywell Decor Wireless Chime And Push Button

Honeywell Decor Wireless Chime And Push Button Model RCWL251A

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Honeywell Decor Wireless Chime And Push Button
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If you are searching for an economical, yet effective wireless doorchime and push button, then no look no further!  The RCWL251A1005/N Decor Wireless Chime can provide you all the best features you are looking for! This battery powered device can safeguard you and your family 24/7 as it provides the high level of security that you need including motion detectors and door contacts features. Uniquely, it comes with an easy to recognize safety code system, which can remarkably adjust on its own to reduce the chance of interference from neighbors.

In addition to all of these chime and push benefits, this device can reach up to 450 ft working range, which will get the job done in most residential homes!  Moreover, you have the option to use up to 6 push buttons, allowing you to place additional door bells at a back or side door entrace.  

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Honeywell Decor Wireless Chime And Push Button
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3 Star Rating
Very happy with our new doorbell. The real test will come in 3-4 months when the temperature plummets to zero or below. If it still works then, I'll give it five stars.

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Thanks for your comments. Please let us know how it performs in the winter. In colder temperatures, the battery won't last as long, but the everything should function correctly.

Please let us know!

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