RCTD-20U Optex Wireless 2000 Entrance Alert
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Detect Entry to Your Store or Office with This Entrance Alert Model RCTD-20U

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RCTD-20U Optex Wireless 2000

Accessories & Variations:
TD-20U Optex Wireless 2000 PIR Sensor Transmitter
$89.98 $79.98
RC-20U Wireless Chime Receiver
$89.98 $79.98
TC-10U Optex Wireless 2000 Window Door Contacts
$62.98 $52.98
TS-10U Optex Wireless 2000 Push Button Transmitter
$56.98 $49.98
TR-20U Optex Wireless 2000 Repeater to Extend Range
$129.99 $109.99

Do you need instant notification when someone (or something) enters a monitored zone?  Do you need something that gently alerts your employees when a customer enters your retail store?  Retailers across America use the Optex Wireless 2000, the RCTD-20U, to provide reliable notification for customer service and security needs every day.

The system works like this:  you install the wireless, battery operated sensor over a doorway, across a hallway, or any area you want to monitor.  Next plug your receiver into a standard wall outlet.  When someone or something passes through the monitored area, a chime sound is played through the receiver, notifying you of the visitor.

Other than the receiver's plug, the system is completely wireless and installs in seconds.  The operating range of the set is up to 2,000 feet which tends to be ample for most of our customers.  If you need more range, there is a compatible relay device, the TR-20U, which will add 1,000 ft. to the range.

A nice feature about the Optex Wireless2000 is the available accessories that allow you to not only expand this system but add other sensor types to create a more complete system.  Examples of this are the TS-10U which is a push button that will enable the system to function as a doorbell system or the TC-10U, door/window contact.  Each receiver, the RC-20U, will work with up to 9 different transmitters, grouped into one of three zones.  Not only can you add additional sensors to the kit you can also additional receivers to expand the listening area.

In this kit, the transmitter is a PIR (passive infrared) sensor that detects movement and heat.  When the sensor is triggered by heat and movement, it transmits a wireless signal to the plug-in receiver.  The sensor is on a rotating head used to put the sensor into one of two modes; fan mode, or long range mode.  Fan mode tends to be more appropriate as an entrance alert over a doorway is the zone will spread out more while in long range mode the zone is straighter.  The transmitter is outdoor rated and powered by a 9V battery (not included).

The receiver is indoor rated and powered by an included 9V DC adaptor.  The receiver will play on of three chime sounds with adjustable volume control ("0" for mute and "4" for a 80 dB chime sound.)  The receiver features four LED lights.  One to show the unit is powered on and the other three light up when their corresponding zone is triggered.  The receiver also features a "Form C Relay" which allows you to easily integrate it with other devices such as speakers, strobe lights, sirens, gates, alarm systems, and more.

  • The Wireless 2000 Annunuciator System ships with one transmitter and one receiver
  • The receiver is powered by 1 x 9V DC adaptor (included); the transmitter is powered by one 9 V battery (not included)
  • The receiver features a volume control button that may be adjusted to one of four level.  Zero is mute, four is max at 80db
  • Receiver may be wall mounted or set on a flat surface using the flip-out bracket located on the back of the receiver
  • Sensor/transmitter may be adjusted to fan mode or long range mode depending on your needs
  • Sensor is outdoor rated and receiver is indoor rated only.  Operating temperature range is 14F-140F
  • Max range is 2000 feet; repeater sold separately to increase operating range
  • Operates via RF at 415 Mhz
  • Add-on sensors, transmitters, and receivers available and sold separately
  • Manufactured by Optex
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

RC-20U: Additional chime receivers.  Increase listening area by adding additional receivers


TD-20U: Additional PIR sensor/transmitters: Monitor additonal areas


TC-10U: Wireless door or window contact sensors

TS-10U: Wireless push button transmitter


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