RCA23 12 Volt Battery For Wireless Doorbell Buttons

12 Volt Battery For Wireless Doorbell Buttons Model RCA23

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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12 Volt Battery For Wireless Doorbell Buttons
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Reliable batteries are crucial to keeping your doorbell system up and running. It's important to keep a set of spare batteries on hand so that when your current batteries die, you can quickly replace them without having to worry about missing important visitors or deliveries.

If you're struggling to find the right replacement battery for your doorbell, look no further. The RCA23 Super Micropower Battery is a 12-volt alkaline replacement battery for wireless doorbell buttons such as the WC180 Wireless Push Button and Dimango/Carlon HW2190T remote control transmitter. It also works for the following models:

  • 23A
  • VA23A
  • MS21
  • MN21

This battery is manufactured by Thomas & Betts, the makers of Dimango and Carlon products, making this replacement battery the perfect fit for a wide range of doorbell systems. Once installed, the RCA23 Battery will ensure your doorbell stays working properly and efficiently.

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