RC4121 Long Range Wireless Door Chime Button

250ft. Wireless Push Button for Use with Carlon Dimango Model RC4121

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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5 Star Rating
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Long Range Wireless Door Chime Button
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$27.56 $22.98
Battery Powered Long Range Door Chime
$55.98 $46.98

The RC4121 is a wireless transmitter (doorbell button) by Carlon with a range of up to 250ft.  This is the button used in the long range wireless door chime kit by Carlon, the RC4120.

This button works with all Carlon (Dimango/Thomas & Betts) door chime products.  They standard button from Carlon has a wireless range of up to 150 ft. from transmitter to receiver, and in some cases, may not offer the extended range you might need.  In that case, as long as the distance is less than 250 ft., we would recommend this button.  Please note: environmental factors will dimish the operating range of any wireless product.  Each wall, for example, the signal has to pass through, will degrade the signal.

Here's a scenario:  You could use the RC3250 plugin door chime kit which comes with one push button transmitter and one receiver.  Then you decide you want to put a push button at your side door, but the distance to the receiver is 160 ft.  You could purhcase this push button, the RC4121, and use it with your existing system.

  • Long Range Wireless Button
  • Battery operated: 2 x 3V lithium batteries included
  • Up to 250' operating range from transmitter to receiver.  Building materials will reduce range
  • 32 selectable codes block interference from outside signals or from other wireless devices
  • Set sound on front of button so you can make button A play a selected tune while button B plays a different tune.  This allows you to distinguish which door the visitor at
  • Compatible with all Thomas & Betts, Carlon wireless chime systems
  • Manufactured by Thomas & Betts, using the Carlon/Dimango brand name
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Long Range Wireless Door Chime Button
score average: 5 out of 5 , 3 review(s).
5 Star Rating
(Lakeland, FL)
This long-range wireless doorbell button resolved intermittent signals to my two existing plug-in chimes. They now work great.
5 Star Rating
(Winston Salem, NC)
The bell is fine but it does need more sticky stuff on it. From being outside the sitcky stuff wears off faster than normal. Great bell, on second one in 2 years. Couldn't get battery out and I broke it.
5 Star Rating
Regular range did not work. Not strong enough. This did the trick.

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