RC3733D Economy Wireless Add-On Plug In Door Chime
RC3733D Compact Door Chime Receiver in Laundry Room RC3733D Compact Door Chime Receiver in Kitchen

Economy Wireless Add-On Plug In Door Chime Model RC3733D

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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4 Star Rating
Condition: New
Economy Wireless Add-On Plug In Door Chime
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Add on Wireless Plug-In door chime receiver.  The compact design makes this receiver the perfect compliment to the Carlon, Dimango wireless door chime products.  Th RC3733D has all the great features of the larger, RC3253 Door Chime but with a smaller, 1 1/4'' inch speaker.

If you have an existing Dimango/Carlon wireless pushbutton or the RC3050T Extend-A-Door Chime trasmitter, this product will work by simply plugging it in. 

The receiver has a volume control for high/medium/low and is capable of playing six different sounds, which is determined by the transmitter, whether it is a pushbutton or the RC3050T or other Carlon Dimanog transmitter.

This receiver is featured in the Carlon RC3730D economy wireless door chime.

  • Small compact design is attractive and sleek
  • Features a 1 1/4 inch speaker that delivers a sharp, crisp sound
  • Can play up to six different sound options
  • Compatible with multiple Carlon Dimango Sound Options
  • Six Sound Options
  • Operating range of up to 150 ft.
  • Plugs in to standard wall outlet
  • Additional add on receivers available
  • Two year manufacturer's limited warranty

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Economy Wireless Add-On Plug In Door Chime
score average: 4 out of 5 , 6 review(s).
5 Star Rating
I like the chime better than the older ones I had - more realistic, thanks.
4 Star Rating
(Hollywood FL)
It's nice being able to hear the doorbell in many rooms in the house, but the transmitter does not really function any more than about 40-50 feet. I do enjoy being able to adjust the volume and type of chime!
3 Star Rating
Even with the volume turned to max, it is not loud enough for the room.
5 Star Rating
(Arlington Heights, IL)
Customer service was great and the product arrived on a timely basis. However, even though it works well it only dings one time per ring instead of "ding dong" which is what we discussed it to be capable of doing at the time of order.
3 Star Rating
(Bremerton, WA)
The volume is disappointing.
3 Star Rating
(Bar Harbor ME)
In the last 8 years, there has apparently been some kind of change to the components of our chime unit (model RC8233R). I ordered a second remote (Model RC3733D) for use in my basement workshop. Though the new chime is supposedly identical to my original , the volume is only about half as loud. was kind enough to send me a replacement, but the new-new one is only as loud as the old-new one. Since they let me keep both, I've installed both in my workshop. Otherwise a satisfied customer.

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