RC3610 Wireless Battery-Powered Door Chimes for Wallpaper Decorating
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Wireless Battery-Powered Door Chimes for Wallpaper Decorating Model RC3610

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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Wireless Battery-Powered Door Chimes for Wallpaper Decorating
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Accessories & Variations:
Wireless Chime with Snap Off Cover for Decorating
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Carlon Compatible White Wireless Doorbell Button
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If you're one of those people who just can't seem to find the right doorbell to meet your decoratice since of style, then after seeing the RC3610 and RC3410 you don't have any more excuses.

That's because these battery powered wireless doorbells by Thomas & Betts feature a unique snap-out center panel you can decorate to your hearts content.  Paint it, wallpaper it, or leave it as it is, it doesn't matter.  Pink walls, purple walls, yellow walls, paint it just as you like.

The snap-out center plate of this product is a cool feature-yes.  But what makes it even cooler is the technology behind the doorbell electronics.  You may be thinking that wireless doorbell products that are battery operated won't last long between battery changes?  The RC3610 and RC3410 both us SAW technology to provide better, more reliable range as well as decrease battery draw.  You should realistically expect a two-year battery life between changes of the 4 x "C" sized alakaline batteries (Not included.)

The push button supplied in this kit (battery included) is the RC3301. This wireless button has a range of up to 150 ft. from the doorbell receiver.  If you need more range, consider purchasing the RC4121 which has a range of up to 300 ft.

Like all Calon, Dimango, and Thomas & Betts wireless door chime products, you can add more push buttons to cover additional doors, as well as purchase add-on plug-in and battery operated receivers to extend the listening range.

Installation is a breeze.  Simply attach the wireless pushbutton transmitter to the door frame or wall using the supplied double-sided tape or mounting screws.  Next, mount the wireless doorbell on the wall using the supplied mounting screws.  Install the batteries and that's it.

There are two styles featured here.  Both feature a snap-out center panel for decorating. The RC3610 features oak trim that you can snap on or off.  The RC3410 is all white and does not feature the oak trim.

  • Center panel slides out so it can be wallpapered or painted to match your style and decor
  • Snap-in light and dark oak wood trims options ship with product so that you can customize it to your taste
  • Battery Powered
  • Choose one of thirteen sound options for chime receiver
  • Sound is set conveniently at the button
  • Wireless with Operating range: up to 150ft.
  • 32 Changeable codes prevent interference
  • 5 year warranty

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