RC3500D Battery Powered Extend-A-Chime

Extend Your Wired Doorbell Listening Range Model RC3500D

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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5 Star Rating
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Battery Powered Extend-A-Chime
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Accessories & Variations:
Carlon Wireless Door Chime Plug In Receiver
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Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Transmitter
$20.18 $19.98

When you have a wired doorbell in your home that you just can't hear in other rooms, or when you current wired doorbell isn't loud enough, the Carlon RC3500D may be the solution you are seeking.  

This is called a doorbell extender or "extend a chime" by Carlon/Dimango.  The product works when the included transmitter is wired into your existing wired doorbell transformer.  When a visitor presses the button outside, the wireless transmitter sends a signal to the receiver that is included in the kit.  

Simply wire the small transmitter into your existing doorbell transmitter by following the easy to follow instructions.  Then make sure you have batteries in a receiver/speaker and you have successfully extending your chime. 

The solution works great in situations where wiring a new doorbell is out of the question or for the hard of hearing.

  • Receiver runs on 4 C-size alkaline batteries
  • The receiver may be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Volume control on receiver
  • Plays six different tunes, selected on the transmitter
  • Plug-in model (RC3253) also available
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Water resistant so it may be mounted outdoors

This unit gives you additional flexibility not traditionally offered with other doorbell units. 

Lamson Home Products has verified that the following WIRED models are NOT compatible with our Carlon Brand Door Bells. These units are the "Musical Record-A-Tune" which requires a micro processor within the circuit board which makes the "Extend-A-Units" continuously ring. Therefore, they are not compatible with RC3500D/RC3030D/RC3200D.

  • DH840E/SS840E
  • DH852E/DH853E
  • SS852E/SS853E
  • DH845E/SS845E
  • SS846E/SS856E

We also found that some of the Broan Product Line of WIRED doorbells are NOT compatible either.

  • RC305/RC305RW
  • RC306

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Battery Powered Extend-A-Chime
score average: 5 out of 5 , 14 review(s).
5 Star Rating
works well.
5 Star Rating
Works as advertized. Directions were clear. Took less than 10 minutes to install the wireless transmitter to the current hardwired doorbell.
5 Star Rating
Extremely easy to install. Made adding an additional doorbell chime a 10 minute job...
5 Star Rating
(Richmond VA)
Solved a problem. I couldn't hear the doorbell in my bedroom. Now I can. As it states in the directions, you will only get 1 chime selection if you have a lighted doorbell. One chime is much better than not hearing the doorbell at all!
5 Star Rating
(Lafayette, Ca / USA)
Works great - very easy to install.
5 Star Rating
(Berthoud, Co.)
Easy to install. Works as advertised.
4 Star Rating
(Vero Beach, FL)
Very easy to install and since it is battery powered we can move the chime to varies areas of our home as needed
5 Star Rating
D. Glass
Thank you, 1800Doorbell!! For years, we have been having problems hearing our doorbell. Our Extend-A-Chime works great with our wired system. The price was right, it was easy to install, and was much louder than we thought it would be. Now, the true test will come when our enthusiastic football group comes over to watch our favorite team play!! Looking forward to no more situations of our guests having to call us on the phone because they'd been standing at the door ringing the doorbell! Also, since the unit is mobile, if we're outside, we can position it nearer to us if necessary. Thanks again, 1800Doorbell!
5 Star Rating
(Lebanon, Pa)
As advertised,just what I needed.
3 Star Rating
(Cape Coral fl)
Not loud enough
4 Star Rating
Old Raspy
Unit was available, was priced reasonably, was delivered promptly, correct product received undamaged, installed easily, worked as advertised. Would have liked some different sound patterns rather than the songs.
5 Star Rating
John S
(Sacramento CA)
Is satisfyingly loud. I hung it in the garage, and it is quite audible throughout back yard. No more missed deliveries from FedEx because I was grabbing something from out back...
5 Star Rating
(Port St lucie fl)
Worked great outdoors. Gives you 3 loudness options plus different types of tones to your liking. Would definitely recommend this product.
5 Star Rating
(Strongsville, OH)
I needed a front doorbell ringer that we could hear in a basement den. This item was easy to install and does a good job. If you have the same problem, you can't go wrong with this solution.

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