RC3395 3 Volt Lithium Battery

Replacement Batteries for Your Carlon or Dimango Push Button Model RC3395

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3 Volt Lithium Battery
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You wouldn't think replacement batteries for your wired door chime or doorbell push button would be so hard.  At we have the approved Carlon RC3395 3-Volt Lithium Battery, which is the CR2032, available and on sale now at

Per the product instruction sheet, the replacement battery is the RC3395 or under the number CR2032 by Sony, Toshiba, Radio Shack, NewSun, and Sharp only.  Other brands will not be supported by the manufacturer's warranty.

Why go to your local hardware or drug store and pay more than you need to for these batteries.  Outside of Florida there is no sales tax or cost of gas and time.  Even if you are in the state of Florida (you will pay sales tax) it's hard to beat our price.

  • This price is for 2 x 3V Lithium Batteries
  • A.K.A. CR2302
  • Colder weather will shorten life span of batteries
  • Works with a variety of Carlon products like the RC3301, RC3311, RC3341, RC4121, RC4130, RC4133.

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