RC3270 Wireless Plug In Door Chime Flashes Lamp when Phone Rings or Pushbutton Pressed

Don't miss the Doorbell! Wireless Door Chime Makes Lamp Flash Model RC3270

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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5 Star Rating
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Wireless Plug In Door Chime Flashes Lamp when Phone Rings or Pushbutton Pressed
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Are you or a loved one hard of hearing or do you need a door chime in a very noisy area?

This is one of those products that's just plain neat and has so many uses, wether you are hard of hearing or not.  We've found another great product for the folks who need a solid doorbell or door chime but need a door chime for the hard of hearing or in situations where it is noisy and you cannot hear well. 

The RC3270 is a wireless plug in door chime that flashes a lamp and/or makes the phone ring when the push button is pressed . Not only does this unit flash the lamp, it also features a volume control switch for low/medium/high sound option, a three inch speaker, and can play six different melodies.

The is a wireless door chime product by Carlon and is compatible with other Carlon wireless chime products.  For example, additional push buttons like the RC3301 or RC4121 transmitters may be used to place buttons on other doors in the home.  Additional wireless receivers like the RC3253 can be plugged into other rooms througout the home.

This kit contais the following products:

  • 1 x plug-in door chime receiver
  • 1 x wireless push button transmitter
  • 1 x telephone line transmitter

Here's how the product works:

Simply plug the doorbell wireless receier into a standard wall outlet near a lamp.  On the side of the chime is an outlet for you to plug your lamp into.  This is what will cause your lamp to flash when the doorbell is pressed or the phone rings.

Next, connect your home phone line into the side of the telephone line transmitter, then connect the other end of the box into your telephone.  When the phone rings, this transmitter will send a wireless signal to the plug-in receiver the lamp is plugged into.

  • Push button is powered by 2 x 3V batteries (included)
  • The telephone line transmitter is powered by 1 x 6V battery (included)
  • The door chime receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Also included in this kit are screws and double sided tape for mounting of the wireless push button
  • Volume control knob on side of chime for high or low volume
  • Push button is outdoor rated
  • Expandable with other Carlon wireless products
  • Lamp flashing feature has two daytime operation, lamp is off and flashes on when activated.  In nightime mode, lamp is on, then flashes off when activated
  • When push button is pressed, lamp will flash to the door chime tone
  • 32 privacy codes available to reduce wireless interference
  • Manufactured by Carlon
  • One year manufacturer's warranty



Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Wireless Plug In Door Chime Flashes Lamp when Phone Rings or Pushbutton Pressed
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4 Star Rating
Product works great. Using both the door chime and the phone bell with light indicator. Very helpful for the partially deaf and the light pulse makes it great for my 96 year old mom who lives by herself in her own home. The combination of the sound with the light is the great feature of this unit.
5 Star Rating
(Smithville, OH)
5 Star Rating
Shipping was quick, doorbell was packaged very well. The doorbell works great. It is very loud and clear.
5 Star Rating
(Covington, LA)
Actually works as described! Nice and loud and lights flash when doorbell is pressed or phone rings

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