RC3252 Carlon Wireless Door Chime System with Two Push Buttons

Wireless Door Chime kit with Two Push Buttons Model RC3252

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
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5 Star Rating
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Carlon Dimango Wireless Door Chime Kit w/ 2 Buttons
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The RC3252 wireless door chime kit with two push buttons contains all you need to install a quality wireless system in a matter of minutes.  The kit contains the best-in-class Carlon RC3253 wireless receiver and two RC3301, wireless buttons.  

The RC3253 is the workhorse of the Carlon and Dimango product line.  Using the patented SAW technology, this system has a range from receiver to button of up to 150 ft.  

The RC3253 wireless receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet. The two included push buttons should be mounted outside, on the door frame or wall of the doors you want a doorbell chime to originate from. When someone pushes the button, a musical chime is played on the wireless plug in receiver.  These systems are fully expandable meaning you can add more wireless push buttons (RC3301) and wireless plug-in receivers (RC3253.)

Set up literally takes a matter of minutes.  The wireless transmitters (push buttons) may be mounted with double sided tape or screws, both of which are included.  The receiver plugs into a wall outlet.  All you would need to do is push the small button that protrudes on the surface of the push button to choose the sound option that you want to hear. You would then do the same on the other button so they are both playing a different sound.  This allows you to determine which door is ringing when a guest arrives.

You have 13 different sound options with this kit which you can sample by visiting the RC3253 sound options page.

For additional information about the receiver featured in this kit, please click here: RC3253

For additional information about the transmitters (push buttons) featured in this kit, please click here: RC3301

If you need additional range, up to 300 feet from transmitter to receiver, or if there will be metal or brick interference, we recommend you add the RC4121, long range wireless door chime button to the kit.  This button will give  you a range of up to 300 ft. versus the 150 ft. that the RC3301 offers.

  • This kit includes 1 x RC3253 plug-in receiver and 2 x RC3301 transmitter push button.
  • Maximum range from transmitters to receiver 150 ft.  This is line of site with no interference.  Walls, doors, windows, etc. will reduce the operating range of all wireless products.
  • Receiver will play 13 different melodies and tunes, selectable by pushing tune selector on transmitters.
  • You can associate a different tune with each transmitter (push button)
  • 32 privacy codes available to reduce interference from neighboring wireless devices.
  • Manufactured by Carlon, a Thomas and Betts company.
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Carlon Wireless Door Chime System with Two Push Buttons
score average: 5 out of 5 , 11 review(s).
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
(Teaneck, NJ)
Much better than ones from lowes
5 Star Rating
(Fort Edward,New York)
Works Great and the sound is great also.
5 Star Rating
(Grapeland, tx)
Bought the two door ringer model and was easy to install and works great. Good product!
4 Star Rating
(Claremore, Ok)
Really cool product! Very easy to install and set up. I gave four stars only because it needs to be louder. It may be fine for in the house, but I put the chime in my garage, because I work out there a lot. I have two buttons, one at the front door & one at the back door. rnI really like it though!
5 Star Rating
(Tuscaloosa AL)
We love our new doorbell and the service was fantastic..I have never received anything so quickly by mail. We had a couple of questions and they were so helpful. Love all the various tunes it can play.
3 Star Rating
Installed this unit today. I have to say that this doorbell will be great in a small apt. but really lacks in volume for a house. I had to re-drill the hole on the back plate to accept the screws that came with the buttons because they were too small. Had to re-drill to 7/64". I had thought that being a plug-in that the tones would be louder. I guess that is why they tell you that you can get more units and place them at different spots in the house. The back plate should be the same size as the button housing. Just a little difficult to get the position right on brick molding when you have to chisel the button in.
4 Star Rating
Retired Chief
(Joseph, OR)
I've purchased two other doorbells in the past, neither of them satisfactory; one never worked correctly and one I couldn't get a replacement part for. I hope this purchase will prove to be longer-lasting. I purchased two buttons with it, since that was the weak point previously. Service was prompt so I currently have no complaints.
5 Star Rating
(Lewisburg, W.V.)
Product arrived quickly and met expectations. Have bought from this company before and have been very satisfied with quality of product.
5 Star Rating
Lou V
I only have had it for a couple of weeks, works as described, but sounds a bit tinny even at the loud setting.
5 Star Rating
MIke C
Great product and so easy to install. All you have to do is put two small screws into the back of the doorbell and it is ready to use. I had one of the other models in another home and installed the two door system into my new home. I would recommend anyone to use these great products. Fast shipping as well.

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