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RC3250 The RC3250 Is the Gold Standard For Wireless Door Chimes
RC3250 Wireless Door Chime in Package
Example of RC3250 Wireless Door Chime in Kitchen
RC3252 Wireless Plugin Door Chime Kit w/ 2 Pushbuttons
RC3301 Wireless Pushbutton
RC3253 Wireless Plugin Door Chime Receiver

A Wireless Door Chime Kit by Carlon That Installs in Minutes! Model RC3250

Manufacturer: Thomas and Betts
Availability: In Stock
4 Star Rating
Condition: New Read Reviews

Wireless Plug In Door Chime Kit
$37.98 $34.98
Accessories & Variations:
Carlon Wireless Door Chime Plug In Receiver
$27.56 $22.98
White Wireless Doorbell Push Button
$14.98 $12.98
Brass and Black Wireless Push Button
$20.77 $15.98
Long Range Wireless Door Chime Button
$20.07 $19.98

Now With New Improved Quality Sounds:

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  • Video RC3250
  • RC3250 Overview
  • Accessories

Trouble hearing your doorbell in certain areas of your home?

Wouldn't it be nice to hear your door chime in the basement, back bedroom or out on your back deck?  The RC3250 by Carlon  is simple to use and easy to install wherever you need to hear it most.

  • The set features the RC3301 wireless door chime button and the RC3253 plug in receiver. 
  • The range from the doorbell button to the plug in receiver is up to 150 feet
  • The receiver will play one of 13 melodies.  These melodies are easily selected by pushing a small button on the outdoor pushbutton.
  • The wireless pushbutton is shipped with a battery already installed and the receiver plugs into a standard 120-V wall outlet.

Features of the RC3250 Wireless Plugin Door Chime Set

  • The receiver features a 2 1/4'' speaker, which delivers a rich quality sound.  The receiver has a volume control selector of high/medium/low.
  • The receiver is capable of playing thirteen sound options, set at the push button.  To hear sound options, please select this link and scroll down till you see "For Models with 13 Sound Options:".
  • Receiver plugs into a standard 120V AC outlet
  • Operating range of up to 150 feet (transmitter to receiver)
  • Sound option set at transmitter
  • 32 privacy codes available
  • Set ships with a push button. ( batteries included and already installed)
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • The RC3250 may also be listed in other websites or products as the RC8250.  (They are the same product)

If you need a wireless plug in door chime with two wireless push buttons, consider the Carlon RC3252 which is virtually the same kit as the RC3250, however, this set features two push buttons.

This is the first video in our upcoming series detailing the Carlon line of wireless door chimes. This brief video overviews the basic set-up and installation of the RC3250.

The RC3250 is such a fabulous product, as it can be set-up within no time and is completely wireless so you need not call an electrician or fumble with the wiring.  Best of all this chime boasts an outstanding 150 feet. This means no matter where you are in your home you will be able to hear someone at your front door.

Purchase additional push buttons and you can have a different tone for each door, letting you know wether someone is at the front or back door.

RC3301 push button

In this video you will learn why the RC3250 is such an amazing device. It will explain the features of this Wireless Door Chime and how to set it up. It will also offer some options for additional devices that will work with the RC3250.

RC3253 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3253

Need additional chime receivers for a second floor,basement or garage? Use the RC3253, (which is also known as the RC8253)! Expand your existing Thomas & Betts, Carlon chime system with additional plug-in chime receivers.  Use this plug-in door chime with Carlon wireless push buttons or entrance alerts to extend the door chime sound through other areas of your home.

4 Star Rating
$27.56 $22.98
RC3301 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3301

RC3301 White Wireless Doorbell Push Button with black button.  Compatible with ALL Dimango/Carlon Wireless doorbell products.

5 Star Rating
$14.98 $12.98
RC3311 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3311

The RC3311 is wireless push button transmitter compatible with Carlon (Dimango/Thomas & Betts) wireless door chime products.   Black, rectangular shaped case with a shiny brass face plate makes this doorbell button stand-out against other products.

5 Star Rating
$20.77 $15.98
RC4130 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4130

Elusive and hard to find, decorative wireless door chime buttons are hear at 1800doorbell.com.  Finished with a faux brass and brushed nickel, these are about the nicest, most reliable door chime transmitters you are going to find.  These products are compatible with Carlon products.

5 Star Rating
$22.98 $18.98
RC4121 Thomas and Betts
Model RC4121

Long Range Wireless Button. Uses (2) 3-volt lithium batteries (installed).  Use this push button with Carlon (Dimango, Lamson Sessions) wireless door chimes to extend the range to 250 feet.

5 Star Rating
$20.07 $19.98
Customer Reviews
Product Reviewed: The RC3250 Is the Gold Standard For Wireless Door Chimes
score average: 4 out of 5 , 18 review(s).
5 Star Rating
My wife loves the assortment of chimes,and i love the easy install!!!
5 Star Rating
(las vegas)
great doorbell good price
4 Star Rating
Easy to install. works well. cold be louder.
3 Star Rating
(St John, IN)
Chime advertises as 150ft range. This might be obtained if you have a open straight line.rnFound range through house to be aroound 60ft, as long as you are not trying to go through too many walls. Unit works well within the limits and I would recommend if it can meet your needs.
5 Star Rating
(Williamsburg, VA)
I have 4 chimes spread throughout the house. They all work well. Definitely worth the cost.
5 Star Rating
(shelby, n.c.)
Ireally like this door bell. I can actually hear it inside really well.
4 Star Rating
(Sebastian, Florida)
I don't think that the newer version that I purchased sounds as good as my older model. Also doesn't play enough of the song. But it's acceptable.
4 Star Rating
Excellent product let down slightly by only one thing - the bell push. This has a hard rubbery resistant feel that makes users unsure if the bell has rung and causes them to press harder than necessary. Danger of damage here.rnOtherwise, there's nothing to criticize.
4 Star Rating
THis product suited our needs and has performed well. Thanks.
5 Star Rating
(east troy, wis)
love it.
5 Star Rating
(Dunnellon, Florida)
This is a wonderful product! I picked my "special" ring for the doorbell and it worked!!!! Thank you again for the Wireless Door bell and it's chime - I'm 73 years of age and I could put in so it operates!!
5 Star Rating
Excellent product. Easy to install, wide selection of chimes, sounds great.
4 Star Rating
(Bronx, NY)
Thank you very much for the new wireless bell. I am very pleased with my purchase.
5 Star Rating
(Newport, Rhode Island)
great product. So simple monkey could install. replaces same doorbell. We have had for 20 years. Excellent company.
4 Star Rating
I really like the doorbell I purchased. The only drawback is that even though the sound is turned to loud it still isn't quite loud enough. rnrnThank you,rnRuby Price
5 Star Rating
RK Annapolis
(Annapolis MD)
This is an excellent doorbell. Extremely easy to install, a wide choice of pleasant, chime-like rings, and loud enough to be heard anywhere in my house. Highly recommended.
3 Star Rating
(Glendale, Az)
Arrived very quickly! Love the tone of chimes. Very easy to move around the house,rnand I can take it with me when I move.rnLove it!
5 Star Rating
Ray R.
This doorbell is wonderful! I am replacing an old electric doorbell from 30 year. I also bought 2 plug-in modules RC3253 units for different ooms in my house and a button for my back door as well. There's plenty of different tunes to choose from as well as a standard ding, or dingdong style. 1800 doorbell is such a wonderful company to work with, and so so helpful. I recommend them 100%.
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