RC3050T Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Transmitter

Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Transmitter Model RC3050T

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Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Transmitter
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The Extend-A-Chime Transmitter connects onto the low-voltage screws in the existing hardwired doorbell and sends the wireless transmission to the Extend-A-Chime receiver (sold separately.) 

Any of our wireless door chimes, except as noted below, may be modified by adding the RC3050T (Extend-A-Chime Transmitter).  For example, if you already have a hardwired doorbell and you like the RC3624 Wireless Shelf Chime, wire-in the RC3050T and it will send a wireless signal to your new RC3624 Shelf Chime.   Your new Wireless Shelf Chime came with a wireless push button, but you would not be using it in this example.  Thus, you can keep your existing hardwired push button in place and hear your new wireless chime when it is pushed.

Lamson Home Products has verified that the following WIRED models are NOT compatible with our Carlon Brand Door Bells. These units are the "Musical Record-A-Tune" which requires a micro processor within the circuit board which makes the "Extend-A-Units" continuously ring. Therefore, they are not compatible with RC3500D/RC3030D/RC3200D.

  • DH840E/SS840E
  • DH852E/DH853E
  • SS852E/SS853E
  • DH845E/SS845E
  • SS846E/SS856E

We also found that some of the Broan Product Line of WIRED doorbells are NOT compatible either.

  • RC305/RC305RW
  • RC306

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Extend-A-Chime Door Chime Transmitter
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5 Star Rating
(Walnut Creek, CA)
Works well.
5 Star Rating
(Overalnd Park, KS)
The transmitter attached effortlessly and the plug in receiver was exactly that, Plug and Play. Easy to install and everything works as described.
5 Star Rating
(Henning, MN)
I had a battery type which corroded so I was looking to avoid that. After a balancing actrntwo and a half feet from doorbell over a wall mounted TV and cabnit I installed new one and my old chime worked fine. The doorbell rings and when it's done the extended chime rings.
5 Star Rating
good price, arrived promptly, worked as described

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