RA911 Portable Emergency Medical Alert Button
RA911 Cellar Transmitter Diagram

Portable Emergency Medical Alert Button Model RA911

Manufacturer: Rescue Alert
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The RA911 must be purchased with a Medical Alert Plan.  Pricing shown, $9.95 is the monthly rental fee.

When on the go, or simply outside of your home, carry this compact and portable device with you to make sure that help is never more than a call away!  The RA911 is a convenient cell device measuring only 3.5 x 2 x 1 inch.  It has two-way voice communication allowing you to contact your local 911 services when an emergency arises.  Whether in you car, your driveway or your backyard you need only push the button on your portable emergency response device to speak directly to 911.

There are no activation or start-up costs and rental costs are $9.95 a month billed monthly, quarterly or annually.  In case of loss, the replacement charge for the RA911 is $149.95.

Note that the RA911 cannot be rented alone, but must be an add on to our traditional personal medical response services.

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