PS111 Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell
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Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell Model PS111

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PS111-Doggie Doorbell - Blue
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The day has finally come!  Dogs across the world are celebrating and rejoicing, and homeowners are too.  "After all these years," Fido says to Spot, "they have finally figured out and invented something we really need."  A doorbell for dogs.  Yes, you heard that right, a doorbell specifically designed for your dog to ring when he or she is ready to come back inside.

If you have that tell-tell sign on your front or rear door that you are a dog owner (yes, deep scratches into the door finish) then the Doggie Doorbell is the perfect product for you.  When you let your four-legged friend out to take a potty break, you can continue what you were doing.  When man's best friend is ready to come back in the house, Fido simply presses the large yellow disk with his nose to let you know he wants back in.

Training is easy and fun. Training instructions are included in your installation manual.  Simply place a treat behind the yellow disk push plate. Trying to get to the treat, your dog will "accidentally" push the disk in, thus signalling the push button to send a wireless signal to the plug-in receiver located in your home.  When your dog pushes the yellow disk, reward her with a treat.  With quick repetition, your dog will associate pushing the disk with a reward and you then transfer that reward to receiving a treat once they go through the door.  Now the process of pushing the button and walking through the door is the process your dog gets rewarded for.  

Available with a red or blue splash of color on the receiver corner, the set has a range, from push button to receiver of up to 250 feet.  The push button is powered by a 12V battery (included) and the receiver is powered by two AA batteries (not included).  The push button is weather resistant for outdoor use.

  • The kit ships with one transmitter (push button) and adapter with the yellow disk that fits over the push button, one receiver, user manual, and double sided tape to mount the push button.
  • Receiver will play one of 36 available tunes 
  • Operates at 493.92 MHz
  • Four privacy codes available to prevent interference
  • Detailed user manual provide training instructions
  • Transmission range of up to 250 feet
  • Weather resistant design
  • Available in red or blue color

Customer Reviews

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5 Star Rating
(fayetteville ar)
This has worked wonderful for us! It took about a week for Theo to decided he had to start ringing it, then one morning, he thought he would ring it, we clapped, praised him, and gave him a treat. Well, he then decided he had to go out 10 times in 15 min., That was enough, no more treats, but he rings it every time now!!! Saving the paint on the door and the trim. THANK YOU. rnBy the way we saw it on The Today Show, looked it up and ordered it, fast delivery.
5 Star Rating
Mybmom put this new doorbell up and now I do t have to bark to be let not... She's going to get another bone so I don't have to be let in. Right now I bark tone let in and I am quit loud and it bothers the neighbors.rnCan't wait for my new doorbell!
5 Star Rating
Dog Lover
(Green Bay, WI)
My dog figured this out on the first try. What a great product. Thanks for the fantastic idea!!

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