SL-6148-WH Plug-In Wireless Chime
SL-6148-WH White Plug-In Wireless Chime SL-6149 Wireless Door Chime kit w/2 Buttons

A Plug-In Wireless Chime Set That Has 1 Push Button And 1 Receiver Model SL-6148-WH

Manufacturer: Heath Zenith
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White Plug-In Wireless Chime
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Plug-In Chime Kit w/2 Buttons
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Heath Zenith has been manufacturing door chime products for many years.  If you want a basic, economical wireless chime kit look no further than the SL-6148.  The kit ships with two components, one plug-in receiver and one battery operated wireless push button.

Installing this product is easy.  Simply remove the push button and mount it to your door frame using the supplied mounting screws or double sided tape.  Next, plug the receiver in and your door chime system is now working!

Compatibale with all Heath Zenith door chime products means you can add any Heath Zenith wireless door chime receiver or push button and they will work together.  This allows you to expand your system to add more doors and to expand the listening area.

Similar to this kit, we also offer the SL-6149 wireless kit with two push buttons features one receiver and two push buttons.

  • Receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • The push button runs on a A23 12V battery (supplied)
  • Unit ships with one push button and one receiver
  • Transmission range of up to 75 feet
  • Front door sound - 2-note ding dong
  • Back door sound - 1-note ding
  • Chime measures 3.5'' W x 1.5'' D x 5.25'' H
  • Push button measures 1'' W x 0.875'' D x 3.0'' H
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • UL Listed
  • Frequency is 315 Mhz
  • 128 selectable privacy codes

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