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EZTONE: The Best Selling Entrance Alert of All-Time: The DC1 EZ-TONE

Are you looking for an easy to install, easy to use, and even easier to maintain entrance alert that notifies you with a pleasant chime when someone enters your store or office?

Many store, shop, and office managers/owners have struggled to find an easy to use product that doesn't require wiring, doesn't require batteries, and never needs maintenance.  Look no further than the DC1 EZ-Tone Entry Chime.

This is a purely mechanic entrance alert that sounds a gentle chime when someone enters your facility.  Ideal for areas up to 2,000 sqft., this innovative product sounds "a gentle but loud" chime sound - perfect to notify shop and convenience store clerks when a door opens and a visitor enters.

The EZ-TONE entrance alert is a great solution:

  • When wireless products aren't reliable in your environment
  • When you cannot run wires (or simply don't want to)
  • Don't want to worry about changing batteries 
  • When you want to improve customer service by being notified when your store, shop, or office door is opened

To find out more about the EZ-Tone entrance alert, please click the product link below or call us and we would be happy to assist.

Visit our Entrance Alert Category Page for Models

DC1 EZ Tone
Model DC1

The DC1 EZ Tone entrance alert is one of our most popular alerts!  This mechanical entrance alert is cost effective, easy to install, and made in the USA.  It installs quickly over the existing door frame of the door you want to monitor.  When the door is opened, the EZ Tone Entrance Alert emits a loud "Ding" sound as the internal metal strip is struck by the metal plunger.  This alert is maintenance free, requies no batteries or wires, and durable enough to last for years to come.

5 Star Rating
$32.98 $26.98

What Exactly is the DC1 EZ-Tone?

The DC1 is a self-contained, mechanical entrance alert - meaning it requires no electricity.  There are two basic components of the kit: the box chime itself and the magnetic disk.  The "box" is the brown box as shown in the image.  Inside, the box contains a plunger with spring, and a metallic strip.  The second part is a small magnetic disk, about the size of a silver dollar, with a magent inside the disk.

The brown box is mounted on your door frame which makes the plunger (it protrudes out of the box) connect to the magnet on the disk.  As the door opens, the spring on the plunger allows it to stretch, until a point where the tension is stronger than the magnet.  At that point, the stretched out spring recoils and makes the plunger strike the metal strip inside the box.  This results in a gentle, but loud, "tone" that you can hear in an area up to 2,000 ft.


If you need an entrance alert for a larger area, would like to hear the chime in a remote area, or would like to have multiple sensors and/or multiple receivers to hear the chime, we invite you to visit our complete entry alarms offerings to find the right product for your specific application.

For our wireless entrance alerts, our top selling products are:

  • DA50L-A Wireless Entrance Alert with a Range of up to 1,000 ft.  Our #2 Entry Alert Seller, contains one wireless PIR sensor/transmitter and one plug-in receiver.  When motion is detected, it sends a wireless signal to the receiver thay plays on of four tone sounds.  The kit is expandable with additional sensors and receiver.
  • The DA-2500 is Long Range Entrance Alert that uses a door/window contact, which sends a wireless signal up to 2,500 ft. to a plug-in receier when a visitor opens the door.  Like the DA50L-A, the DA-2500 is also exandable.

A Brief History of the EZ-Tone Entry Alarm

In the 1980's, our company founder, Lord Henry, started selling the EZ-Tone Entry alert chime.  At the time, this was a revolutionary product for commercial businesses to receive instant alerts that a visitor has entered their facility.

At that time, other than expensive alarm systems, the only way to know when someone entered your facility was to mount something like a "Shop Keeper's Bell" over the door. The opening door would hit the brass chime hanging over the door and this would alert a manager or store clerk.

The problem with these types of systems was they tended to be a little whimsical for everyday use and weren't really loud enough to hear unless you were standing right next to the door.  In the mid 80's a revolutionary product was created, the DC1 Ez-Tone door chime.

Thirty years later, 1800doorbell.com (a Lord Henry Company) continues to offer the DC1 as one of 8 licensed distributors of the product worldwide.  Since the 1980's we have sold over 100,000 DC1's and they continue to be one of our best-sellers.   Although the product may be used in residential environments, it ist most widely used in commercial spaces.  

Some of our customers:

  • Subway franchises
  • Circle K
  • KFC
  • USPC
  • Family Dollar
  • and more!

After many years, the EZ-Tone door chime continues to be one of the biggest selling entrance alerts of all time!

Over the years we have seen many types of entrance alerts come and go.  New technology has produced terrific entrance door chimes, mostly wireless, with ranges of up to several miles.  The EZ Tone entrance alert continues to dominate the market, due to its simplicity and price.

The DC1 EZ-Tone is a Simple, Effective Entrance Alert

Take a look at the EZ-Tone entrance alert wireless door chime and you will easily see why it continues to remain one of America's favorite entrance alerts.

If you are looking for a simple solution to alert you when a door is opened, this is an easy to install, maintenance free product that is extremely reliable--backed by a 5-year warranty.  Ideal for areas of 2,000 sqft or less, this chime alert will notify you of entrances for years to come. 

Please do not hesitate to call and ask us any questions.