MURS-HT-KIT MURS-HT-KIT Long Range Wireless MURS with Handheld Transceiver

Finally, I Can Roam Around My Property and Still Get Entry Alerts Model MURS-HT-KIT

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Wooden Birdhouse Facade used to Camouflage Dakota Sensors/Transmitters
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Many wireless driveway alarms simply don’t have the power to send their signal over large distances needed by farmers, ranchers, people with large property, etc.  The MURS HT Kit from Dakota Alert is an extra long range wireless driveway alarm kit that will transmit from transmitter to receiver of up to several miles. 

MURS stands for Multi Use Radio Service which is a frequency relatively released by the FCC for consumer use without a license.  This allows for wireless communications for up to several miles, depending on terrain.  This kit will provide roughly the same range as a walkie-talkie.    

This kit is very similar to the long range driveway alarm MURS BS Kit, the only difference is the handheld transceiver versus the base station transceiver.  The kit comes with a PIR (passive infrared) sensor that will detect any movement in the driveway or any other monitored zone.  When movement is detected, a wireless signal is sent to the transceiver. 

The transceiver in the MURS HT Kit is the M538-HT. 

Additional transceivers and/or additional transmitters may be used.  Also available is the M538-BS which is a base station transceiver.

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