825 Driveway Signal Air Switch

Driveway Signal Air Switch Model 825

Manufacturer: Milton
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Driveway Signal Air Switch
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Remote Driveway Chime
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The Milton 825 remote controlled air switch, meaning it is not wirelss, but rather someting from a remote location activates the current in the switch.

This particular product use air pressure from a connected rubber hose.  When air is forced through the rubber hose, such as a car entering the drive through of a dry-clearner, the air pressure created when the car roles over the hose "switches" the air switch.  This activation is the equivalent of flipping a switch to another device such as a signal bell, siren, or strobe light for example.

  • May be used with voltages from 6 volts to 220 volts, 10 amps max
  • Weatherproof outer case ensure product works outdoors as well as indoors
  • Durable outer box ensures product withstands tough environment
  • Easy access to terminals to connect and integrate with other devices
  • Burn out proof coil

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