805 Milton Driveway Signal Bell

A Reliable Signal Bell for Use with Rubber Hose Kits Model 805

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Milton Driveway Signal Bell
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Accessories & Variations:
8100 Rubber Hose
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200 Foot Signal Hose
$289.00 $269.95
300 Foot Signal Hose
$450.00 $395.00
Heavy Duty Hose Anchor
$29.34 $19.99

Remember driving up to that old gas station?  When your car drives over that rubber hose, a signal bell generates a buzzer sound to notify the attendant.

Although these buzzers have been around a long time, they are just as good and widely used today as they were then.  That's because Milton continues to manufacture quality signal bells over the years and have built a solid following.  By using the pneumatic pressure created when a car drives over the rubber hose, false alarms are eliminated and the system is rock solid reliable.

Driveway Signal Bell. Works in conjunction with the Anchor & Hose Plug 8193350517 and driveway signal hose up to 300 feet.  

Milton Driveway Signal Bell (6 in diameter) Offers an instant signal every time. Operates on 110 volt electric and up to 300' of signal hose. Absolutely no false alerts. The orignal gas station bell from the 1950's.


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