Medical Alert Systems: What you need to Know

When your loved one lives alone and you can’t be present, a medical alert system provides them the ability to live an independent lifestyle with peace of mind for all. Easy to setup and use, it’s affordable, reliable and at the click of a button, alerts trained medical professionals to assist by communicating directly with your loved one and sends medical help quickly if needed.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 people older than 65 will have a fall or an accident in their home. A medical alert system ensures your loved ones stay protected from emergencies like this when you are not available.

What are Medical Alerts?

Medical alerts are products that signal remote caregivers when a loved one, family member, or even a patient needs attention. These are typically sold as kits and a receiver. To be a medical alert, the receiver is usually connected to a monitoring station or a caregiver’s communication system. Read more


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Rescue Alert - Our Partner

At, we have chosen to partner with Rescue Alert to provide our medical alert devices and services. They have a 24/7, USA-based monitoring center and provide products that are cost-effective and extremely reliable.

Rescue Alert offers compelling advanced features, including an extended panic-button range, regular monitoring of battery life and a highly sensitive microphone. These features deliver enhanced performance and system reliability, built upon 20+ years of experience in the medical alerts systems industry.

Medical Alert Systems – Pricing & Operational Information

  • Monitoring Pricing Plans:

Pricing: Choose from 4 different monitoring plans to fit your budget: Plans are available for a one-time charge, or annual, quarterly or monthly rentals. For details on each package, please click here.

Cancellation: Should you decide to cancel for any reason before your rental contract expires, you will be charged a small cancellation fee and your account will be prorated for the time you’ve used the service based on the regularly priced monthly rental option. Click here for details.

  • How your Medical Alert Device Works:

Step One: Press the Panic Button on your personal device or the base unit. It’s very important to wear your personal medical alert device at all times – it’s waterproof and can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. Within 600 feet of the MXD Base Unit, a wireless signal is immediately sent to the MXD base unit sending it to action.

Step Two: The Base Unit Calls the Response Center. The MDX base unit is plugged into your home telephone line and immediately calls the Response Center which is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year in Salt Lake City, Utah. Within seconds, the attendant will speak to the subscriber using the two-way built in microphone/speaker.

Step Three: If needed, expert medical assistance is dispatched and your designated family member or friend will be notified. All Rescue Alert medical responders are EMD-certified to be able to recognize a medical emergency. Based on the communication with the subscriber (or lack of communication), the attendant at the Rescue Alert Response Center will immediately determine the next course of action. Once the medical emergency responder makes a determination, they will alert the subscriber's personal responder (family, friend, or emergency services).

  • Additional Information about your Medical Alert System:

Panic Transmitters: Lanyard necklace, Velcro wristband or Sterling Silver necklace.

Choose your preferred style of panic transmitter button located on a lanyard you wear around your neck or on a Velcro wristband around your wrist.  You also have the choice of adding additional panic transmitters, choosing either lanyard or wristband. If you change your mind after purchase, conversion from wristband to lanyard or lanyard to wristband is available for purchase.

Rescue Alert also offers a beautiful sterling silver medical alert necklace available for purchase as an alternative to the lanyard.  This is a 27'' Sterling Silver necklace that's nickel-free and has a magnetic break-away clasp. This allows subscribers to wear their panic transmitter on a necklace nice enough to wear in more formal settings.


The panic transmitter is the device that, when pressed, sends a wireless signal to the MXD Base Unit.  Available in your choice of necklace or wristband, these panic transmitters are light-weight, aesthetically pleasing, waterproof, and durable.

In optimal conditions, these medical panic transmitters have a range of up to 600 feet, which is the distance from the transmitter to the MXD Base Unit.  Each medical alert system includes one panic transmitter with add-on transmitters available for purchase.  Each MXD Base Unit (which communicates with the response center) is capable of communicating with eight panic transmitters simultaneously.

The medical alert panic transmitters were designed specifically for and by Rescue Alert with the senior citizen in mind.  Each transmitter features a large rubberized button with a raised medical symbol that's soft to the touch. This makes the button easier for seniors who lack fine motor skills or have arthritic hands to easily press the button in case of an emergency.  The raised emblem on the button enables the visually impaired person to easily feel for the button and press it.  The panic transmitters are waterproof and durable, allowing you to roam freely throughout your home without fear of breaking or damaging the transmitter.  The waterproof ability of these panic transmitters allows you to take them into the tub or shower.  Many alerts for medical emergencies sold today have inferior components not designed for everyday use and break easily in normal everyday use.

medical bracelet - Mobile alert system

Order The Medical Alert

When you choose the medical alert payment plan that works best for you, you have the choice of selected the panic transmitter button located on a lanyard you wear around your neck or on a Velcro wristband around your wrist.  You also have the choice of adding additional panic transmitters and also choose lanyard or wristband.  If you change your mind after purchase, conversion from wristband to lanyard or lanyard to wristband are available for purchase.

Lanyard Necklace
Sterling Silver Necklace
medical bracelet - Mobile alert system medical bracelet - Mobile alert system medical bracelet - Mobile alert system

Rescue Alert also offers a beautiful sterling silver necklace available for purchase as an alternative to the lanyard.  This is a 27'' Sterling Silver necklace that's nickle-free and has a magnetic break-away clasp.  This allows subscribers to wear their panic transmitter on a necklance nice enough to wear in more formal settings.

MDX Base Unit: The two-way communications provided by this emergency medical alert system is state-of-the-art, created with seniors in mind. The microphone and speaker are contained within the unit's small compact size.

The microphone is purposely designed to be highly sensitive, allowing the senior user to clearly communicate with the monitoring center from other areas of the home, not just standing in front of the microphone.

The speaker located in the base unit is loud, enabling the user to hear the monitoring station throughout a normal-sized home. Not only does the small, compact speaker offer superior sound quality, it also features the ability to adjust the volume up to 83 dB.

Rescue Alert Monitoring Center: The monitoring center is specially designed to allow customization and personal attention to each user’s situation.

For example, the monitoring services may include:

  • the specific order in which responders should be contacted as well as which additional responders MUST be notified
  • which responders have keys to the residence
  • whether or not emergency response has permission to use force to enter the home under questionable circumstances
  • where keys are hidden or Lockbox codes
  • special instructions, such as “Responder 1 is out of town this week, proceed directly to Responder 2”

The Rescue Alert Response Center and medical alarm systems are also designed to allow attendants to communicate with subscribers in their own language via the Language Line Services ™, a translation service which provides translation for over 150 different languages.

At Rescue Alert, Language is never a barrier – with Language Line Services ™, speed and accuracy are maintained, while allowing the attendant to add the personal contact and comfort required during an emergency situation.

Choose the Medical Alert System that gives you peace of mind & allows your loved one regain their independence. Please contact us for more information or call 1-800-366-7235.

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