Medical Alert Testimonials

Just wanted you to know that, so far, I found: Your website was most helpful. Your customer service/or sales representative was very professional, patient and helpful. I was also pleased to see that you had a satisfactory rating with the BBB, and apparently, no customer complaints filed with them during the past three years. This I found most impressive. It is most likely that we will be purchasing one of your products, but even if we don't at this time, your company will certainly be my first consideration in the near future - since I, myself, am 65, unable to work, and have some limiting chronic conditions.

Will Walker

On September 3rd, 2004 Hazel was in her Salt Lake City home and decided to change the light bulb. She got up onto a short table, but as she started changing the bulb, she lost her balance and fell to the floor. Her hip broke and was hurting terribly but she could not press her help button to send the Rescue Alert Response Center an emergency signal because she was not wearing it. She definitely couldn't reach the telephone; there was nothing she could do. Luckily, Hazel's Rescue Alert was scheduled to perform an automatic voice test that day. When the test signal was answered by the Response Center, it was discovered that she needed help. Hazel's neighbor, was called and the two waited together for an ambulance to arrive. We are happy to say that Hazel is still a subscriber here at Rescue Alert and is very faithful about wearing her panic button.

Hazel, Salt Lake City, UT

Yesterday a subscriber was out walking her dogs at 1 am and she fell on some rocks. She couldn't get back up and waited for nearly an hour hoping that someone would come by and help her out. Since it was the middle of the night nobody came. She thought that her Rescue Alert panic button wouldn't work because she was outside the house but decided to give it a try anyway. Our response center received the signal and couldn't make voice contact, so we dispatched the police. They found our subscriber outside and got her home safely.


On September 3rd at 11:15 AM Helen had one of our medical alerts setup at her home in Florida. Just over 4 hours later , Helen fell and broke her hip. We received an emergency signal from her medical alert at 3:33 PM and were able to contact one of her responders.


My daughter, Jackie, has been in contact with you regarding a medical alert system for me. I would like to tell you that because of the way you do business, i.e., answering questions so quickly, I need look no further for an alert. I will be ordering one from you. Even though Jackie has thanked you, I would also like to personally thank you.

Josephine Girard

Many people are afraid that they will press their panic button on accident and that an ambulance will be sent to their house. There is no need to worry about this because the emergency signal sent by your medical alarm is received by the Rescue Alert Response Center. When you press your panic button, whether by accident or on purpose, you will be promptly contacted by a friendly Rescue Alert attendant who will ask if you need help. Inadvertently pressing your button is ok, and more than that, it is an excellent test of the system. We received this note in an email from a subscriber's daughter from Sullivan, IN just today: "We were so impressed with your quick action when Mom accidentally rolled over on her necklace and it went off. It is so nice to have your service, you are very much appreciated. I know it is a comfort for her. Thanks again!" A sense of comfort and security are very important and that is why we encourage our subscribers to manually test their emergency response systems regularly. You may follow this link for more information on testing your Rescue Alert.


I just wanted to send you this quick note to say THANK YOU!!! Earlier this year, I purchased the rescue alert for my grandmother, Emma. Each time I see her, she tells me that you call her on a regular basis, just to check on her; that when she went on vacation this Summer, she phoned you to tell you and when she got back, phoned again to say that she was back. She went on to say that the woman on the phone asked how her vacation was, and that she was glad she had a great time. I can't thank you enough for having such wonderful, friendly and caring people working for your company. My grandmother is 83 and lives alone since the death of my grandfather. I live about an hour away and feel so grateful that should she need anything at all, you are just a push of a button away. THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!!!!

Rachel Goguen

The Rescue Alert Response center sent this note to our customer service department. It is about a subscriber in Brookings, OR. "Gordon said that he wants us to note that he used to work for IBM and he is amazed at the voice range of the unit. He was suprised when I heard him from 35 feet away with the door closed. He just wanted you to know."


I just wanted to send you a quick note of extreme satisfaction with your service. I just returned the unit I had rented for my mother. She has now been moved to a nursing home with full care, but she used your unit for almost 8 months. In that time, she must have needed to call for help 10 or 12 times. Without the Rescue Alert, she would've been without help for days any number of times. She was very impressed with the microphone sensitivity, as well as the ability to hear the speaker from anywhere in her apartment, even outside, when she locked herself out once! She simply pushed her button, talked to the attendant through her locked door, and the service called the fire department, who came and let my mother in, using the key in her lockbox. Finally, she fell and broke her hip, and used her button for what would be the last time. Paramedics came and took her to the hospital, and, following a brief week back home with my visiting sister in attendance, she is now out of her apartment for good. Rescue Alert folks gave me directions for returning the unit, and I just received a small refund check for the unused portion from my last rental payment. In short, I could not be more pleased that I chose Rescue Alert for my mother. It definitely made me feel much better with her having the system, since I live many states away. Thanks again, not only for a great product, but for wonderful folks who attentively take care of your users, by way of the system. And the very reasonable price was only icing on the cake!

Doug Harding

I am a Caregiver to Seniors . Last year I signed my Mom up with your program and feel so much relief knowing that although she lives alone, she is not alone. Also we are very happy with your program and the people on the other end of the line, that I am telling all my clients about it.

Anna Overton, CA

I just wanted to commend this compay and Ryan, your sales manager, for his diligent and efficient response to my several emails regarding an alert system that my mother wanted to order, we had several questions regarding the product. I have been corresponding with Ryan since mid February. He was always prompt with responses and very helpful. In the end, my mother ended up going with the Rescue Alert system and I hope she will find this product to be as good as the staff I worked with. Thank you for the information that was provided.


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