Helpful Medical Alert Resources

We know deciding on a medical alert system may seem a bit overwhelming.  This page is dedicated to trying to help you make that important decision.  If you have any question, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-366-7235 and we would be delighted to help.

Product Manuals and Installation Guides

Want to know what your door chime melody will sound like? Click the link below to find a list of the door chime sounds produced from the Carlon (Dimango) door chime receivers.

Door Chime Sounds

Over the years, products have discontinued. We put a brief list together of discontinued products and what their replacement products area.

Discontinued Products and Their Replacements

Wireless doorbells and door chimes are evolving technologies.  While most manufacturer's do their best to ensure product compatibility, sometimes discontinuing products is unavoidable.  Here's a short list of products that have been discontinued and our recommended replacements.

Style Select Door Chime Products

If you are searching for replacements for the SS or Style Select door chimes, wireless doorbells, and doorbel ralated accessories, please follow the link below.

RC3200 Extend-A-Chime Compatibility Notice

The RC3200 and RC3500 are Extend-A-Chime products that allow users to extend the listening range or their current wired doorbells by using this easy to install product. There are a few wired doorbell products we have identified as non-compatible products with the Extend-A-Chime product..


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q Are there different Rescue Alert pricing plans?
A Yes, there are several different rescue alert pricing plans available.  Simply, you can rent the rescue alert and medical alert monitoring with a yearly, quarterly, and monthly plan, or purchase the medical alert system products and pay a low monthly monitoring fee.


Q I have an existing wired doorbell button. The wiring is broken in the wall and I would like to replace the button only with a wireless button. I would like the new button to activate the existing chimes that are still working. Do you have a solution for me?
A Unfortunately you can NOT use a "wireless button" with wired chimes. You would have to get the wiring fixed if you want to use your current wired chimes OR change to a completely wireless system.


Q Can you tell me whether the front and back doors can be programmed to different sounds when using a wireless door bell?
A Yes, almost all wireless doorbells/door chimes allow for different sounds or melodies to play depeding on the button that sends the signal. The Carlon/Dimango brand is one of the easiest to program. You can program the buttons for different sounds by pressing the small "dimple" on each button and selecting the sound you want to hear for that particular button. Very easy!


Q How do I change the sounds on my wireless chime?
A Locate the small "dimple" on the push button outside. Press it and listen to sound on the receiver. If that is the sound you want, then you're done! If not, repeat the process, letting each sound play all the way through, until you hear what you want.


Q I'm looking for a wireless button that is lighted?
A Most Wireless buttons are NOT available lighted as the they would require power 24/7 and drain the batteries too quickly. Heath-Zenith do make a few models of wireless door bell buttons that use LED lights which do not require as much power. Please note, these Heath-Zenith wireless doorbell buttons are not compatible with Carlon/Dimango receivers.


Q I can't hear my doorbell in my bedroom/upstairs/basement, etc? Can you help me?
A The Extend-A-Chime is just what you need. It is available with a Plug-in Chime (RC3200) or a Battery Powered Chime (RC3500D) which is also weatherproof. Additional Plug-in receivers are also available (RC3253).


Q I have a regular wired door bell and when we're out back on the deck we can't hear it. Do you have anything hook to it so we can hear it out there when company comes?
A The Extend-A-Chime is just what you need. It is available with a a Battery Powered Weatherproof chime for outdoor use (RC3500D) which is what you need OR Plug-in chime for indoor use (RC3200) as well.


Q I bought my Carlon door bell a couple months ago and the package says it has a 1/3/5 Year Warranty. I have my receipt so who do I call for warranty coverage?
A You may contact Thomas & Betts Customer Service at 1-800-346-2646 for assistance.


Q I have an “old” Dimango/Carlon chime. Can I get a new button for it?
A In most cases, you can use the RC3301 or RC3311 button with your chime.First, you need to check the QC numbers to make sure your receiver is not "outdated" and will be compatible with the buttons. Locate the small sticker on the back of the receiver with the QC information. There will be 2 sets of numbers. (xx xx) The second set of numbers must be 00, 01, 02, 03 etc. or higher. If they are in the 90's (99, 98, 97, etc), they are NOT compatible. Unfortunately the receiver and button would both need to be replaced.


Q Do you have any door bells for someone that can't hear well?
A Yes, we have several options for you. Here is a direct link to products available:


Q I have a wired doorbell on my front door. I want to add a second button to a side door, but it is nearly impossible to run a wire to the button. Do you sell a wireless doorbell button and a receiver that can be added to my existing wired bell?
A A wireless button can not make a "wired" chime ring, however, you could purchase a wireless button and receiver for side door and an Extend-A-Chime transmitter for the wired chime. When someone pushes the front door button, the wired chime AND the wireless receiver will ring, but only the wireless receiver will ring when the side door button is pushed.


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