MAT4-SS Signature Series Transmatter
MAT4-SS Signature Series Transmatter

This Signature Series Transmatter Is Compatible With All Signature Series Receivers Model MAT4-SS

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Signature Series Transmatter
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Do you have an elderly family member or a child who is constantly getting out of bed when they are supposed to be tucked in? This Signature Series transmatter transmits a signal whenever someone walks onto the matt and applies pressure.

Whenever the mat is stepped on the red LED light on the transmatters transmitter will activate. This transmitter will then send a signal up to 2000 ft to your receiver. This transmission range is based upon the type of Signature Series receiver you are using. This transmatter is completely wireless and uses 2 AA batteries which comes included in the package.

  • 2000 ft range (based on type of receiver you are using)
  • Covered in water resistant material so its rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • Compatible with all Signature Series receivers
  • LED indicator on transmitter informs you of when mat is being activated
  • Battery operated (2 AA batteries come included in package)
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty on pressure sensitive mat
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on transmitter
  • Dimensions of the mat are 16" l x 29.5" w

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