MAPS-HT-KIT Detects Cars Only w/ Range of Up to Several Miles
M538 Handheld Transceiver MAP Probe

Whether You are In Your House or Out on the Farm, this Driveway Alarm will Alert You Model MAPS-HT-KIT

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MAPS Probe Kit with Handheld Transceiver
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Accessories & Variations:
M538-BS MURS Base Transceiver
$99.98 $89.98
M538-HT MURS Hand Held Two Way Radio
$109.99 $98.98
MURS Alert Probe Sensor Extra Long Range
$289.99 $239.98
MAT MURS Add-on Transmitter
$159.99 $121.98
99,999 Click Counter
Out of Stock
$26.98 $22.98
Chime Module for MURS Systems
$16.98 $13.98

We needed a driveway alarm for people who need a super range product.  Something that could alert them whether they are in their home or office, or working hard on their ranch.  Dakota deliverd!

The MAPS-HT-KIT is a super long range wireless driveway alarm system that will send a triggered alert up to several miles.  This kit features a handheld transceiver that allows you portability.  You can plug this transceiver into the supplied wall charger or unplug it and take it with you.

Like all the Dakota Alert driveway alarm products, this series, the MURS based series, is expandable meeting you may add additional handheld or base station transceivers as well as additional probe based transmitter/sensors, or motion based transmitter/sensors.


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