MAPS-BS-KIT MAPS-BS-KIT Extended Range Driveway Alarm to Detect Cars Only
MAP Probe for Long Range Kit M538 Base Station Transceiver

Need a Driveway Alarm to Detect When Cars Enter Your Facility? Model MAPS-BS-KIT

Manufacturer: Dakota Alerts
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Long Range MAPS Driveway Alarm Probe with Base Station
$359.98 $279.99

Accessories & Variations:
M538-BS MURS Base Transceiver
$99.98 $89.98
M538-HT MURS Hand Held Two Way Radio
$109.99 $98.98
MURS Alert Probe Sensor Extra Long Range
$289.99 $239.98
Extra Probe for Dakota WPA-3000 w/125 feet of wire
Out of Stock
$85.00 $69.98
Extra Probe for Dakota WPA-3000 w/250 feet of wire
Out of Stock
$120.00 $99.98
MAT MURS Add-on Transmitter
$159.99 $121.98
Chime Module for MURS Systems
$16.98 $13.98
Wooden Birdhouse Facade used to Camouflage Dakota Sensors/Transmitters
$19.50 $14.98

This long range wireless driveway alarm perfect for situation where the driveway is over 2,000 feet from the house (or office) or where there are environmental factors that interfere with other driveway alarm models.  The radio service used to transmit the wireless signals on this unit make it ideal for terrain, woods, hills, etc. that tend to limit other models.  Stucco, metal, concrete, are all elements this system deals with better than some of the other units.  If handheld walkie-talkie can communicate from your driveway to the inside area where you would place the receiver, then this unit would work as well.

The “MAPS” system will detect large metallic objects and won’t trigger on movement from animals or people.  The MURS-BS-Kit will pick up any movement but the MAPS system will only detect automobiles.

The MAPS-BS-KIT is a long range wireless driveway alarm by Dakota Alerts. This driveway alarm system using Multi Use Radio Service to transmit a wireless signal to the receiver/speaker.   The MAPS wireless driveway alarm system uses a probe that is buried in the ground.  From the probe, there's a wire that connects to a wireless transmitter, which will send the wireless signal to the transmitter.

The transceiver in the MURS BS Kit is the M538-BS.  You simply plug the transceiver into a standard wall outlet.  There is also a handheld receiver, the M538 HT available.  The kit with the handheld transceiver is the MAPS-HT-KIT.

  • Sensor picks up metallic objects only
  • Transmitter sends wireless signal up to several miles away
  • Transmitter is powered by 4 x CR123 batteries (included)
  • 5 channel, 13 sub channel for privacy communicate with handheld two way radios

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Product Reviewed: MAPS-BS-KIT Extended Range Driveway Alarm to Detect Cars Only
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5 Star Rating
(Ranchos de Taos, NM)
This is the second system I tried. You pay a bit more, but it is worth every penny. rnrnThe installation is simple, the reliability, at least to now, very high. There is an occasional false alarm, but it has to be lightening and thundering for that to happen.rnrnI am very satisfied with the system. It also allowed me to avoid repair of a damaged built in system that would have cost thousands.rnrnRicardo.

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