M538-BS MURS Base Station Two Way Radio
M538-BS MURS Base Station Two Way Radio

MURS Base Station Two Way Radio Model M538-BS

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M538-BS MURS Base Transceiver
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The  TheM538-BS is a 2-way radio transceiver designed for use with the Dakota Alert MURS based alerts.  This base station has five channels and thirty-eight sub channels for communication with other users, over several miles (depending on terrain).

You are allowed to operate this two way base station with a license.   The M538-BS plugs into a standard wall outlet through an included transformer. 

A radio alert is sent from a Dakota Alert MURS based trasmitter.  Once the base station receives the radio signal, it chimes and also displays an icon in the LCD window letting you know a signal has been received.  The base station also comes with a "Normally ON" (NO) relay that can be used for add on devices such as an alarm panel, door chime, strobe light, siren, and many others. 

The M538-BS also communicates with the Dakota Alert M538-HT or hand held transceiver.  This is also a two way radio.   You can communicate two way with the other transceivers allowing you to communicate with other users on the system.  This system has a range of several miles which gives you added flexibility and usage.

*Actual range will vary depending on the local terrain.

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